Discover The Beautiful Saudi Arabia Red Sea Project. Your Guide to Red Sea Global and The Luxury Saudi Arabia Red Sea Hotels and Resorts

The Best Places to Visit in The Red Sea: Red Sea Global and Saudi Red Sea Hotels

Discover The Beautiful Saudi Arabia Red Sea Project. Your Guide to Red Sea Global and The Luxury Saudi Arabia Red Sea Hotels and Resorts

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What is Red Sea Global?

Red Sea Global is one of the most anticipated and visionary tourism projects in the world. The Red Sea Project covers 90 pristine islands along 200 km of coastline along the beautiful Saudi Red Sea. The project aims to offer 3,000 hotel rooms across 16 luxury hotels by the end of 2024, increasing to 8,000 hotel rooms across 50 hotels and 1,000 residences by 2030.

The Saudi Red Sea Project is located in north west Saudi Arabia in Tabuk Province south of NEOM and was one of multi billion dollar Giga Projects introduced by HRH Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in 2017.

Red Sea Global was launched in 2018 and is a privately held joint-stock company, wholly owned by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (The PIF)  and is a global leader in developing sustainable, eco-friendly and luxurious travel destinations. 

Here you can see The Full List of The Best Saudi Arabia Red Sea Hotels and AMAALA Hotels.

Red Sea Global Guide

Red Sea Global is currently developing 3 ultra luxury tourist destinations along Saudi Arabia's stunning Red Sea coastline:



These Red Sea projects aim to further enhance Saudi Arabia's luxury tourism sector while adhering to the best sustainability standards. They are designed to protect and improve the natural environment for future generations.

Leadership and Vision of Red Sea Global

John Pagano was appointed the Group CEO of The Red Sea Development Company in 2018. With a wealth of experience managing and transforming large-scale projects, including London's Canary Wharf, Pagano has been instrumental in steering the Red Sea Project.

John Pagano stated, "What sold the Red Sea Project was the opportunity to be part of something transformational for the country, for its people, to be part of something bigger than a project.”

The Red Sea Map

The Red Sea Project, one of Red Sea Global's flagship ventures, is strategically located between Umluj and Al Wajh in the Tabuk Province. Spanning over 28,000 square kilometers. It is located 500 kilometers north of Jeddah with its own new dedicated Red Sea International Airport.

The Red Sea is home to a richly diverse marine ecosystem, including coral reefs, seagrass, and mangroves, making it a location of global conservation significance. 

The surrounding landscapes, featuring resting volcanoes, mountain canyons, and desert expanses, are facilitated by historical and cultural sites, providing a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.


Key Facts About The Red Sea Global

  • Tourism Transformation: Aligned with Vision 2030, the Red Sea Project aims to showcase Saudi Arabia's natural beauty to the world. The Saudi Red Sea invites you to pristine coastline untouched islands, and unrivaled biodiversity in world class luxury.


  • Red Sea Climate: Distinguished by its moderate weather throughout the year with an average temperature of 31 degrees in the summer and 23 degrees during the winter months.


  • Sustainable Tourism: The Red Sea Project aims to attract local, regional, and international tourists, with a projected one million visitors annually by 2035. The number of visitors will be capped annually to maintain the delicate balance between tourism and ecosystem preservation.


  • Health & Wellness Destination: The project will serve as a hub for the wellness movement, promoting a healthy and vibrant society. Red Sea Global has partnered with Clinique La Prairie, a renowned wellness brand, to develop a high-end health resort in Amaala.


  • Environment Preservation: The Red Sea Project’s regulations prioritize ecological standards for sustainable development and environmental preservation including deliccate marine eco-systems


  • Luxurious Hotels & Resorts: The project will feature a range of class-leading hotels and luxury residential units, ensuring a comfortable and lavish stay for the guests including brand such as IHG Hotels & Resorts, Fairmont, Raffles, St Regis, Hyatt and more.


The Red Sea, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural history, is transforming significantly. Red Sea Global is advancing several unique mega-projects to transform the Red Sea into a luxury regenerative tourism destination.

The Red Sea Islands

The Red Sea has over 90 pristine islands, each boasting unique characteristics and attractions. Among the most prominent are:


Sheybarah Island

A natural paradise, Sheybarah Island possesses white sand dune beaches, stunning coral reefs, and diverse marine life. The resort on the island reflects this natural beauty, implementing reflective polished stainless steel encasing that mirrors the surrounding environment.

The resort exemplifies sustainable design, striving for LEED Platinum certification. It follows a zero-energy, zero-water approach, utilizing a central solar farm for electricity and a solar-powered desalination plant for fresh water. 

 Sheybarah Island Resort serves as a model of success, signifying what can be accomplished through innovation, dedication, and a profound regard for the environment.

Shura Island

Set to open its doors to guests in 2024, Shura Island is the hub of luxury on the Red Sea Project. Housing world-class hotels and resorts, the island is connected to the mainland by a 3.3km crossing.

The island will offer an array of global culinary selections, including options for "boutique street food."

Shura Island is set to feature 11 high-end hotels and resorts, showcasing well-known brands such as Edition, Fairmont, Raffles, SLS, InterContinental, Jumeirah, Miraval, Rosewood, and Grand Hyatt.

Ummahat Island

Nestled in the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, Ummahat Island is a beacon of luxury and natural beauty. The island has two exclusive resorts, the St. Regis Red Sea Resort and Nujuma, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

The island is encircled by pristine white sandy beaches and flourishing coral reefs, making it an ideal destination for individuals searching for a luxurious vacation immersed in nature. 

The resorts on the Ummahat Islands exemplify Red Sea Global's dedication to delivering exceptional experiences to their visitors.

1. Six Senses Southern Dunes

Nestled amongst the pristine desert plains and the majestic Hijaz Mountains, Six Senses Southern Dunes promises an unparalleled blend of nature, wellness, and cultural exploration. The resort, designed by the renowned British architectural firm Foster + Partners, epitomizes desert elegance. 

Located on the renowned path of the historical incense trade route, the resort pays homage to the area's vibrant history. This route served as a bustling center in antiquity, enabling the Nabataeans to transport opulent commodities like silk, incense, and textiles.

Encompassing 36 guest rooms and 40 pool villas, Six Senses Southern Dunes is a symbol of environmental responsibility and cultural preservation. It beautifully integrates with the Red Sea Destination and balances innovative tourism, sustainability, and heritage conservation.

Six Senses Southern Dunes is dedicated to establishing new standards in sustainability. As the first LEED Platinum resort in Saudi Arabia, it functions entirely on solar power. 

The resort's design aims to maximize natural light utilization and minimize energy usage. This luxurious hotel assures guests of a distinctive and memorable experience by emphasizing sustainability, and well-being, and incorporating local culture.

2. Shebara Hotel Red Sea

Red Sea Global, a pioneer in sustainable tourism and development, has unveiled its new venture, Shebara. Set to open in the summer of 2024, this luxury resort is more than just a hotel. 

It represents a significant shift in global hospitality, setting new benchmarks in sustainable tourism and offering guests an immersive luxury experience with overwater and beach villas.

Shebara offers an immersive luxury experience with 73 keys, including overwater and beach villas. The unique positioning of these villas creates a mesmerizing visual akin to a string of pearls floating above the water.

The resort has two specialty restaurants, a spa and fitness center nestled among the island’s dunes, and a family and adults-only pool featuring panoramic views of the stunning sunset.

Guests can reach the resort via a 45-minute boat ride from the mainland or a quick 20-minute journey by seaplane, adding to the overall exotic experience of the stay.

Shebara's innovative design is the brainchild of Killa Design, known for its ability to create spaces that blend seamlessly with their environment. At Shebara, the stainless steel villas mirror the ocean’s colors, surface patterns, and ever-changing skies.

With its unique design, luxurious amenities, and sustainable operations, Shebara is poised to set new standards in the global hospitality industry.

3. Sheybarah Island Resort

A revolutionary initiative is emerging in the central region of the Red Sea. The Sheybarah Island Resort, an upscale resort boasting 73 lavish rooms and breathtaking over-water villas, is poised to revolutionize luxury tourism through a steadfast dedication to sustainability.

Red Sea Global has recently disclosed advancements at the Sheybarah Resort. Crafted by the renowned architectural firm Killa Design based in Dubai, the resort assures a distinctive blend of luxury and sustainability.

4. Desert Rock Resort

Situated just a short 20-minute drive from the Red Sea's airport, the Desert Rock Resort, currently halfway through its construction, promises an exclusive and opulent experience seamlessly integrated with the natural rock formations. 

The establishment will offer 48 villas, 12 hotel rooms, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a serene lagoon oasis, and various dining options.

Distinguishing itself from traditional resorts, the Desert Rock Resort is intricately carved into the ancient rocks, preserving the distinctive features of the environment. 

All materials dug out during construction, including stone and sand, are thoughtfully remodeled for the resort's infrastructure.


This project is dedicated to establishing a world-class luxury destination while respecting and conserving the region's profound history. In a commitment to sustainability, local community members are actively involved as land hosts and offer educational tours to enlighten visitors.

The creation of Desert Rock Resort exemplifies Saudi Arabia's aims to become a luxurious global tourist destination. Fusing seamlessly with its natural surroundings, this resort guarantees an unparalleled and extraordinary escape.

5. Four Seasons Red Sea Resort

Red Sea Global, known for its ambitious regenerative tourism projects, has partnered with Kingdom Holding Company to establish the Four Seasons Resort Red Sea on Shura Island, the central island in the Red Sea destination.

Comprising 149 rooms, suites, and 31 residential properties, this upscale resort is anticipated to welcome guests in early 2025.

The creation of the Four Seasons Resort Red Sea underscores the joint commitment to developing exceptional destinations that foster economic growth, job opportunities, and the conservation of valuable ecosystems.

6. Miraval Red Sea

The resort will house 180 rooms and suites, including 20 villas. It plans to offer a "Life in Balance Spa,” expected to be the largest within the Red Sea destination at nearly 3,700 square meters and 39 treatment rooms. 

It will also feature a walking trail system, mangrove boardwalk, outdoor adventures, and several rooms for art, creative expression, music, wellness lectures, and hands-on workshops.

Miraval, a wellness brand affiliated with Hyatt, manages only three other hotels globally. Introducing Miraval's The Red Sea signifies the brand's worldwide expansion and dedication to the wellness tourism sector.

Miraval The Red Sea marks a significant advancement in the realm of wellness hospitality. Positioned within the Red Sea Project, it commits to delivering a distinctive encounter that aligns with the evolving expectations of luxury travelers.

7. Rosewood Red Sea

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has revealed its latest endeavor in Saudi Arabia through a collaboration with The Red Sea Development Company to establish the Rosewood Red Sea, a deluxe hotel to launch as a key component of the initial phase of the expansive Red Sea development initiative.

Positioned on Shura Island along Saudi Arabia's west coast, the forthcoming Rosewood hotel will be integrated into The Red Sea destination, featuring a scenic marina, an 18-hole championship golf course, and an array of commercial retail and dining establishments.

Comprising 149 guest rooms and suites, the Rosewood Red Sea is committed to providing an unforgettable experience for its patrons. The hotel will boast three restaurants, two lounges, a distinctive Manor Club, and a central hub with authentic eateries, ensuring diverse dining choices.

Additionally, the Rosewood Red Sea will be home to Asaya™, Rosewood's comprehensive well-being concept, encompassing seven treatment rooms, a fitness center, two movement studios, and a yoga pavilion. This offering aims to deliver an integral wellness experience for guests.

The development of the Rosewood Red Sea signifies a significant venture for both Rosewood Hotels & Resorts and Saudi Arabia, marking the brand's expansion in the Middle East while contributing to Saudi Arabia's growing status as a premier global tourism destination.


8. Fairmont Red Sea

Set to be located next to an 18-hole championship golf course, the Fairmont Red Sea resort will comprise 200 rooms, seven food and beverage outlets, including overwater restaurants, and over 2,000 square meters of meeting and dining space. Additionally, it will feature a greenhouse and a spa center.

9. Grand Hyatt The Red Sea

The luxury resort hotel will have 430 rooms and is located on Shaura Island. With a unique architectural “coral bloom” design, it will offer a sense of luxury that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. 

The resort will feature a tasteful mix of suites and large standard rooms, providing guests with a comfortable and leading base from which to explore the area’s diverse ecosystem.

10. InterContinental Resort Red Sea

This resort will boast 210 sea-facing rooms with immediate beach access. The resort will also feature seven different gastronomic experiences, sprawling pools, and recreational facilities, a spa, a health club, and meeting and events spaces for leisure and business travelers and groups.

11. Jumeirah The Red Sea

Scheduled to open its doors in 2024, Jumeirah at the Red Sea aims to introduce the distinctive luxury experience synonymous with the Dubai-based brand to the Red Sea region. Jumeirah Red Sea will offer 170 keys located on Shura Island, providing a luxurious stay for its guests.

12. The Red Sea Edition

Located on the Red Sea Project's main island, Shaura, The Red Sea EDITION is slated to open in 2023 with 240 guestrooms, including one, two, and three-bedroom suites. The property is set to reflect the best of its location's cultural and social milieu and of the time.

13. Faena The Red Sea

Faena's The Red Sea will showcase the most extensive lodging options on the central island of Shura. Each of its 150 suites and villas will offer exclusive facilities, including a private pool and breathtaking ocean vistas.

14. SLS The Red Sea

The project will bring 150 hotel rooms, including 12 suites and 15 villas spanning over 800,000 square feet of single-story accommodation. It is set to open in 2024.

15. Raffles Red Sea

Promising a nature-focused stay on Shaura Island, Raffles Red Sea will offer 200 keys in total. Set in beautifully landscaped gardens, it will also have its own beach club and an extensive spa.

16. St. Regis Red Sea Resort

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort, an exceptional property within the Marriott Bonvoy portfolio, is now open for bookings. The resort is nestled on the beautiful Ummahat Island, a preserved retreat on the Red Sea's coastline.

The St Regis Red Sea Resort is accessed via seaplane or chartered yacht.

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort presents a collection of 90 spacious beachfront and overwater villas. These one-to-four-bedroom accommodations each feature a private pool and sundeck. Designed thoughtfully, the villas promise stunning sunset views over the tranquil blue waters.

The luxurious interiors of the villas draw inspiration from the elements of wind, water, and coral, mirroring the natural landscape. This design philosophy ensures that guests are always in harmony with nature, even within the comfort of their accommodations.

The resort boasts five restaurants, each offering unique culinary concepts including Nesma Restaurant for breakfast. In addition, guests can enjoy two outdoor pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a signature spa, and a children's club, ensuring various activities for every age and interest.

17. Nujuma, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve

The Red Sea development, an ambitious project by Saudi Arabia, has been in the spotlight for six years. One highly anticipated opening is the Nujuma resort, part of the Ritz-Carlton Reserve brand.

Marking the first Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the region, Nujuma aims to elevate the charm of the Red Sea with its extraordinary offerings. Beyond being a mere resort, Nujuma, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve, is envisioned as an ultra-luxurious private sanctuary providing an unparalleled escape.

Nestled on the Blue Hole cluster of islands in the Red Sea, the resort seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty of its surroundings. Its design is carefully crafted to blend with the environment, contributing to the inherent allure of the location.

Featuring 63 villas with one to four water and beachfront bedrooms, the property goes beyond providing accommodation. Nujuma offers an array of amenities and services catering to the most discerning tastes.

From a refreshing spa, swimming pools, and diverse culinary venues to a retail area and many leisure and entertainment options, Nujuma is poised to become a haven of luxury.

The Red Sea Project is set to revolutionize the luxury hospitality industry. With a range of high-end resorts under development, it will offer a unique blend of luxury, adventure, and cultural experiences. 

With its focus on sustainable development and commitment to preserving the region's natural beauty, the Red Sea Project is set to become a must-visit destination for discerning travelers worldwide.


AMAALA, another ambitious project by Red Sea Global, is set to redefine luxury travel with its commitment to sustainability, wellness, and unparalleled luxury. 

Nestled along the Red Sea coast in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, this year-round sanctuary promises an immersive blend of sun, sea, sports, arts, and culture.

Amaala Location

Nestled along the Red Sea coast in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, this year-round sanctuary promises an immersive blend of sun, sea, sports, arts, and culture.

The progress of AMAALA's development will be phased. The initial stage, slated for accomplishment by 2025, will feature over 1,300 hotel rooms distributed among eight unique resorts. 

By 2027, the destination is expected to accommodate more than 3,000 hotel rooms within 25 hotels and around 900 luxury residential villas, apartments, and estate homes. 


  • Triple Bay
  • The Island
  • The Coastal Development

Triple Bay

Triple Bay, an all-encompassing wellness, sports, and entertainment community, embodies AMAALA's ambitious vision to create the extraordinary. It provides visitors with the chance to indulge in wellness activities, diving, yachting, and various other comforting pursuits.

Triple Bay will also be home to the The AMAALA Triple Bay Marina Yacht Club which is being designed by HKS Design and aims to be a gateway to the Red Sea. It is to be situated in the Marina Village and hopes to attract local and international yachting enthusiasts similar to the Jeddah Yach Club & Marina.

The Red Sea Marine Life Institute, an exclusive hub for research and education, is specifically crafted to preserve and enrich the local ecosystem.

Amaala Wellness & Sport

Upon its completion, AMAALA is poised to be the host of one of the world's most exclusive luxury wellness and sports retreats, establishing unprecedented global benchmarks amidst attracting mountains and sparkling seas.

Guests will have the opportunity to engage in diverse recreational activities, benefit from a sports performance academy, access a top-tier yacht club at Triple Bay, and utilize sports club facilities encompassing equestrian pursuits, polo, camel racing, falconry, golf, and tennis.

Its dedication to sustainability, distinctive wellness offerings, and unmatched luxury provide a one-of-a-kind experience. As AMAALA continues to evolve, it is poised to redefine luxury travel, setting unparalled standards for the global tourism industry.


Amaala will house several luxurious hotels set to elevate the guest experience. Among the most anticipated openings are:


  1. Rosewood Amaala
  2. Clinique La Prairie Health Resort
  3. Jayasom Wellness Resort
  4. Six Senses Amaala
  5. Equinox Resort Amaala

1. Rosewood Amaala

Red Sea Global has joined forces with the renowned Rosewood Hotels & Resorts on a groundbreaking project, the Rosewood Amaala, in the Red Sea region of Saudi Arabia. 

This collaboration is key to RSG's ambitious strategy to develop sustainable and regenerative tourist destinations that seamlessly blend wellness and luxury.

Nestled amid the stunning landscapes of the world's fourth-largest reef and the picturesque Hijazi mountains, Rosewood Amaala is poised to become a serene sanctuary where opulence harmonizes with nature. 

Meticulously curated, the resort features 110 guest rooms and suites and 25 luxury residences designed to seamlessly fuse indoor and outdoor living spaces, ensuring unparalleled privacy and exclusivity reminiscent of all-villa resorts.

The architectural brilliance behind Rosewood Amaala is the work of ACPV ARCHITECTS, spearheaded by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel. Their design prioritizes longevity and tranquility, elevating the overall aesthetic and experience of the resort.

At the heart of the wellness offerings is the Asaya Spa, a tranquil haven nestled amidst the lush greenery of the resort. The spa will provide an array of treatments and therapies aimed at promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

Rosewood Amaala is poised to be a flagship venture within RSG's expansive Middle East portfolio, reshaping the luxury hospitality landscape by seamlessly incorporating wellness and sustainability into a transformative guest experience. 

The resort stands as a benchmark for the industry, setting new standards by seamlessly integrating wellness, sustainability, and luxury.



2. Clinique La Prairie Health Resort

Amaala, the forward-looking regenerative tourism destination, has introduced its inaugural luxury health resort through a collaborative effort with Red Sea Global (RSG), a diverse project developer, and Clinique La Prairie, a distinguished wellness brand recognized for its longevity-focused health services.

This venture aims to revolutionize the luxury wellness tourism sector by providing distinctive services and adopting sustainable practices.

The collaboration among Amaala, RSG, and Clinique La Prairie merges the epitome of luxury, wellness, and sustainability. 

Situated on Amaala's property along Saudi Arabia's north-western coastline, the resort spans an impressive 36,115 square meters, featuring 66 ultra-luxury suites and 13 Branded Residencies to offer an exclusive and transformative experience for visitors.

These sections will provide a variety of activities and facilities incorporating cutting-edge technologies developed by Clinique La Prairie over its 90-year history. Additionally, the resort will house a diagnostics lab, a museum, a beach club, workshop and training rooms, a private dining area, and a cooking school.

Amaala's inaugural luxury health resort, resulting from its strategic collaboration with Red Sea Global and Clinique La Prairie, is poised to redefine the luxury wellness tourism industry with its distinct offerings, outstanding architecture, and commitment to sustainable practices.

3. Jayasom Wellness Resort

The Jayasom Wellness Resort, boasting 153 hotel rooms and 24 branded residences, adds another remarkable touch to Amaala's collection. Additionally, the resort will include an expansive area exclusively for adults, offering a peaceful retreat for individuals searching for tranquility.

Designed with a primary emphasis on wellness, the resort will provide various services including health, fitness, physiotherapy, nutrition, aesthetic beauty, and spa facilities. Its aim is to create environments good for contemplation, self-healing, and self-discovery.

4. Six Senses Amaala

The Six Senses Amaala, featuring 64 rooms, six suites, 30 villas, and 25 branded residences, is meticulously crafted to embody the charm and customs of the coastal villages in the region. 

Within its spa facilities, guests can indulge in a cryotherapy chamber, a longevity clinic, and separate thermal areas for both male and female patrons.

Commitment to sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of the resort's construction and operations. The primary objective is to fulfill energy needs through renewable sources, aligning with the overall goal of achieving a zero carbon footprint for development.

5. Equinox Resort Amaala

Situated in the exclusive Amaala Marina Village within the broader Triple Bay development, Equinox Resort Amaala is a luxury haven with 128 keys. 

The property features two upscale penthouses and a myriad of amenities such as multiple world-class culinary concepts, a magnesium salt rooftop pool, spa, Beach Club, and the signature Equinox Fitness Club.

Renowned architecture firm Foster + Partners has designed the hotel's interior to ensure seamless connectivity with the surrounding environment. The unique design includes four open courtyards inspired by traditional architectural styles, offering natural cooling and a splendid landscape.

Amaala Marina Village

Foster + Partners have envisioned the Amaala Marina Village as the pulsating heart of the resort. This dynamic center will host a range of luxurious accommodations, such as the Equinox Resort Amaala, alongside residential options. 

The area will also feature an array of upscale retail stores, fine dining establishments, and facilities dedicated to wellness and recreation.


THUWAL Private Retreat

Red Sea Global (RSG), widely recognized for its extensive portfolio of projects such as The Red Sea and Amaala, has recently unveiled its latest endeavor, the Thuwal Private Retreat.

Scheduled to open its doors in 2024, this exclusive island retreat is situated on an unspoiled 1.7-hectare sandy islet within a breathtaking coral archipelago along the Red Sea coastline.

The resort comprises a generously sized three-bedroom main villa, three one-bedroom suites, a beach club, a gym, and a wellness center, all available for full buy-out. 

The carefully curated guest experience commences upon arrival, where a dedicated guest experience team warmly welcomes visitors at a remarkable center accessible via a private jetty.

With the goal of redefining luxury tourism, Thuwal Private Retreat aims to provide a sanctuary for guests to detach from the daily pressures of life and indulge in a lavish, personalized experience.

The Red Sea International Airport

The latest architectural masterpiece unveiled by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is The Red Sea International Airport. Anticipated to serve one million travelers annually by 2030, this state-of-the-art airport marks a significant stride in the nation's tourism sector.

Designed by the globally renowned British studio Foster + Partners, this ambitious project exemplifies the country's dedication to reshaping its tourism landscape. 

Drawing inspiration from the inspiring natural beauty of Saudi Arabia, the airport's design intricately captures the unique textures found in the Saudi desert.

The layout of the airport mirrors the surrounding dunes, featuring five dune-like pods arranged around a central hub, ensuring travelers experience serene and luxurious journeys.

Strategically positioned 15 kilometers inland from the Red Sea's coast, the airport is ideally situated to accommodate numerous tourist attractions. Commencing construction in 2021, it is poised to be the main gateway to The Red Sea Project, a premier resort destination in the region.

The Red Sea International Airport is a symbol of Saudi Arabia's visionary outlook for the future. With its distinctive design, strategic location, and pivotal role in the country's tourism development, the airport is destined to become a landmark destination in its own right.

Marine Life and Coral Reefs at The Red Sea

In an era emphasizing the imperative of sustainable tourism, the Red Sea region of Saudi Arabia stands at the forefront, pioneering a groundbreaking approach towards regenerative tourism.

Consisting of a distinctive array of pristine ecosystems and rich marine life, the Red Sea coastline is evolving into the focal point for the Kingdom's most ambitious environmental surrounding tourism initiatives

The Red Sea is a habitat to numerous endangered and critically endangered species, including the halavi guitarfish, hawksbill sea turtle, and sooty falcon. 

Red Sea's Biodiversity

Stretching over 2,200 kilometers and serving as the dividing line between Africa and Asia, the Red Sea hosts stunning coral reefs, mangrove wetlands, and subaquatic seagrass meadows, housing over 1,000 species, many of which are indigenous.

Before initiating these developmental projects, thorough research was conducted to comprehend the region's biodiversity. 

Collaborating with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Red Sea Global conducted an extensive marine spatial planning simulation, the largest of its kind, ensuring that development and tourism contribute positively to the area's biodiversity.



Coral Bloom Project

The design philosophy reflects a commitment to sustainability. The Coral Bloom project, spearheaded by the international architectural studio Foster + Partners, draws inspiration from Saudi Arabia's unique flora and fauna, aiming to construct structures seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape.

The Red Sea region of Saudi Arabia is poised to exemplify a global model for regenerative development, demonstrating that sustainable tourism can be realized without compromising economic growth or environmental conservation.

Coral Reef Regeneration

At the core of Red Sea Global's visionary plans lies a dedication to reef regeneration, a pledge to achieve net-zero emissions, implementation of clean energy, sustainable waste treatment, and the development of architecture with minimal environmental impact.

"Our objective is to safeguard the natural assets within our development areas and actively improve them. The Red Sea and Amaala aspire to become global benchmarks for regenerative development." - Dr. Omar Al-Attas, SEZ Head of Environmental Sustainability, Red Sea Global.

Setting the Standard

Red Sea Global's initiatives, such as The Red Sea, AMAALA, and Thuwal, are poised to emerge as the most ambitious regenerative tourism destinations globally. 

These endeavors aim to exemplify the positive impact of responsible and regenerative development by uplifting communities, stimulating economies, and improving the environment. Simultaneously, they offer promising prospects for young Saudi talent and the private sector.

Red Sea Global is more than a mere multi-project developer; it stands as a pioneering force guiding the world toward a more sustainable future, progressively advancing one project at a time.