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Discover Umluj - The 'Maldives' of Saudi Arabia - Red Sea Coast


Amazing Turquoise Waters of The Red Sea

Saudi Arabia has recently expanded visa access for tourists seeking to explore its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Visitors can now apply for an e-visa online or obtain a visa upon arrival in the country that will allow them to explore incredible vistas, stunning architecture and archaeology, and the complex and multicultural heritage of the people. In conjunction with expanding the visa program for tourists, Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in updating infrastructure, renovating and expanding airports, and supporting historical sites and natural landmarks.


With greater access than ever before and numerous projects throughout Saudi Arabia designed to make traveling easier, visitors from all over the world are flocking to beautiful towns and resorts like Umluj. Located on the coast of the Red Sea, the small Northwestern town of Umluj, part of the Red Sea Project, is underway to premier resort destination Insha'Allah. For those who love nature, outdoor adventures, and unique cultural vibes, Umluj offers unforgettable experiences. 

Here are some reasons why Umluj should be at the top of travelers' lists. 


Breathtaking Beaches

Undoubtedly one of the biggest draws for tourists to Umluj is the beautiful Red Sea beach. Visitors love the mesmerizing turquoise-colored water that is perfectly clean and free of pollution. The Red Sea is almost totally free of river discharge from rainfall that usually brings dirt into the sea. In general, the seawater here is incredibly unique because, unlike other seas and oceans, there are almost no connections to other rivers and lakes in the area. 

Along the beaches, palm trees provide some cool shade that helps to lessen the sweltering desert heat. Bright white sand highlights the crystalline blue-green water and feels super soft on the feet. Visitors love to stretch out and relax on the sand just as much as they love to swim in the warm water. Because the water is so clear, swimmers often catch glimpses of the beautiful array of sea life just below the surface. Many may want to get a closer look by snorkeling or diving. 


Stunning Coral Reefs

The beautiful clear-colored shallow waters off the Umluj coast offer some of the best water sport activities worldwide. For a fun day out, hire a boat and head to some of the Jabal Hassan islands nearby with some snorkeling equipment to see some genuinely spectacular coral reefs. 

The unique fringing reefs are easily accessible and grow out of the Red Sea shores. Most of the coral in the Red Sea are high-branched species. Many coral towers come out in interesting shapes and patterns, and scientists have identified over 300 species of coral—more than four times the number of species found in the Caribbean.

Swimming amongst the coral formations are over 1200 different species of fish, many of which are not found anywhere else on Earth. The diversity of these coral reefs is genuinely unique and compares to other famous coral reefs off the coast of the Maldives and Seychelles. 


Tons of Fantastic Sea Life

Umluj fish are colorful and come with an array of different color patterns. Lucky snorkelers and divers may also see one of the five species of sea turtles that live in the Red Sea, as well as dolphins. In and above the water, visitors can see many different species of birds as they migrate, and warm water year-round means that visitors can easily see amazing sea life any time of the year. And with over one hundred small islands off the coast to explore, visitors are sure to discover sea life they will not see anywhere else.  


Get to Know The Dugong

Perhaps the most remarkable sea life you will see off the shores of Umluj is the dugong. The dugong is a relative of the manatee, although they are separate species. It primarily lives in warmer, shallow waters because it can only hold its breath underwater for two to four minutes. When dugongs dive, they rarely go lower than two meters below the surface.

Swimmers and divers are likely to see many dugongs in the waters near Umluj and the nearby islands since the shallow waters of the Red Sea are mainly undisturbed. Slow-moving dugongs have limited vision and instead rely on keen hearing. They are not aggressive and follow the seagrass beds, which provide their food source. 

Sadly, however, the dugong is endangered due to historic hunting for its meat and oil. Thirty years ago, there were roughly 4000 dugongs in the Red Sea, and now those numbers are reduced. Despite this drop in numbers, many snorkelers and divers still see dugongs as they explore the underwater paradise of Umluj. 


Amazing Weather

As one would expect with Saudi Arabia, the weather is generally warm all year round. However, the best time to visit will likely be between January and June, when the weather is milder. During the height of summer, temperatures can be scorching, and unprepared visitors can struggle or even become ill. 

Rainfall is minimal in the desert, and there is constant sunshine. The Red Sea can have a slight cooling effect near the shores, and evenings tend to cool the heat down significantly for a charming feel. 


How to Start Planning Your Trip

Plan your trip to Umluj as soon as possible. Although Saudi Arabia is rapidly expanding the infrastructure for tourism, places like Umluj are delightful and often unrushed. There are many times during the year when visitors can find a quiet, peaceful spot on the beach without large crowds around. For places to stay, make sure to check out the Juman Hotel and the Royal Tours Permanent Camp. 

The Juman Hotel is a shoreline hotel with the perfect location for exploring the beaches and Red Sea sights. For a slightly different experience, the Royal Tours Permanent camp has some unique Bedouin 'glamping' style tents on the city's edge for those who want a unique cultural experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your next trip to Umluj today, and experience everything this jewel on the Red Sea has to offer!