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Gymkhana - Via Riyadh
Excellent ( 8 Reviews )
Amaly Indian Restaurant -Riyadh
Very Good ( 22 Reviews )
Zafran Indian Bistro - Rubeen Plaza - Riyadh
Chinese, Indian, Asian
Very Good ( 26 Reviews )
White Garden - Riyadh Front
International, Italian, American
Very Good ( 24 Reviews )
Zafran Indian Bistro - Levels Mall - Riyadh
Very Good ( 12 Reviews )
The Breakfast Club - Riyadh -ذا بريكفاست كلوب
American, Indian, Lebanese
Very Good ( 11 Reviews )
Zafran Indian Bistro - Turki Square - Riyadh
Very Good ( 13 Reviews )
Ruhi Indian Cuisine - Riyadh
Very Good ( 28 Reviews )
Bar BQ Tonight - Riyadh
Indian, Pakistani
Very Good ( 20 Reviews )
Maharaja East by Vineet - Riyadh
Good ( 13 Reviews )
Dhifah Indian Restaurant - Riyadh
Good ( 21 Reviews )
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Indian cuisine is known around the world for its unique fascinating flavours.

This cuisine’s spicy and aromatic flavour profiles appeal to many people in Saudi Arabia as well. This is why you’ll find plenty of Indian restaurants in Riyadh and across the country.

The number of dining options specialising in Indian cuisine makes them the top go-to restaurants in Riyadh.

Whether you’re living in or visiting the capital city of Saudi Arabia, you can dine at the best Indian restaurant in Riyadh.

Our website has details of the top dining options where you can indulge in authentic Kerala Punjabi, Tamil and North and South Indian cuisines.

If you want to indulge in contemporary or fusion Indian dishes, you can get information about restaurants specialising in these cuisines on our website too.

You can also find the best Indian family restaurants in Riyadh on our website. At these dining options, you and your loved ones can enjoy scrumptious curries, tandooris, kabobs, biryanis, dosas and masalas.

Additionally, the good Indian restaurants in Riyadh have a variety of pastries, desserts and beverage offerings. Whether you’re craving naan, chapati, paratha, samosa, kheer, gajar ka halwa, kulfi, jalebi, feni, masala chai or mango lassi, you won’t be disappointed by the available options.

Our selection of Indian buffet restaurants in Riyadh lets you have your fill of the cuisine’s most popular and delicious dishes. From appetisers and bread to main courses and desserts, you will be delighted by the endless options you can sample.

With the wide selection of Indian restaurants and other dining options in Riyadh, you’ll have more reasons to visit the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

Check out Welcome Saudi for a list of the best Indian restaurants to try in Riyadh.

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