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Buntone Burgers - Jeddah
Excellent ( 23 Reviews )
Q Restaurant - Jeddah
Excellent ( 1 Review )
Brooklyn - Jeddah
Excellent ( 6 Reviews )
Jalsah - Jeddah
Excellent ( 5 Reviews )
Indah Asia Kitchen - Jeddah
Very Good ( 18 Reviews )
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Do you love to travel?

The best thing about travelling is that you get the opportunity to try new things. In Jeddah, this goes beyond basking in the beauty of the Red Sea (although that’s definitely one thing that draws people to this Arabian city).

Dubbed as the country’s economic and tourism capital, Jeddah is home to many top-rated food establishments offering tasty local and international fare.

Near the Jeddah Seafront Promenade, Piatto Italian Restaurant serves traditional dishes from the famous European cuisine. From the delicious food to the fresh and relaxing ambience, the Piatto is definitely one of the top restaurants in Jeddah worth visiting.

Looking for healthy restaurants in Jeddah? Grab a bite at The House of Salad and enjoy their signature Chicken Biryani dish. Combined with its charming interior and welcoming atmosphere, the establishment is a famous destination for both locals and tourists.

Love Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Thai, or Lebanese food? There’s no way you can miss your favourite cuisine when you visit Saudi, thanks to the top restaurants in Jeddah.

And let’s not forget the local Arab dishes you’ll definitely come to love.

A favourite in the Hijaz region, saleeg is a dish made of white rice, broth, and milk and served with a roasted chicken topping. There are plenty of versions out there, so be sure to try as many as you can on your trip to Jeddah.

Craving for something sweet? Try maamoul. This delicious shortbread pastry is made with a ghee-sugar-rose water dough and filled with naturally sweetened dates.

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