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Yauatcha Riyadh
Very Good ( 22 Reviews )
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Amaly Indian Restaurant -Riyadh
Very Good ( 16 Reviews )
Outback Steakhouse - Riyadh
Very Good ( 20 Reviews )
In Love Coffee Cafe - Riyadh
Very Good ( 9 Reviews )
Chef Ahmed Cafe - Riyadh
Very Good ( 21 Reviews )
White Garden - Riyadh Front
Very Good ( 13 Reviews )
The Butcher Shop & Grill - Riyadh
Very Good ( 24 Reviews )
Burger Boutique - Riyadh
Very Good ( 18 Reviews )
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From street pop-ups and food stands to trendy start-ups and Michelin-star restaurants, the food scene in Saudi Arabia has so much to offer. In fact, travellers who have sampled the dishes in the country’s major cities consider their trip one of the best gastronomic adventures they ever had.

Among these cities is Riyadh – Saudi’s capital and centre for economic, political, and social activity.

Located at the heart of the nation, Riyadh is famous for iconic cultural landmarks, like the 302-metre-high Kingdom Centre Tower. But that’s not all.

Surrounding the Tower are several fancy restaurants in Riyadh offering a diverse selection of mouthwatering food.

In this foodie city, you’ll find restaurants serving delicious and authentic Arabian food. There’s kabsa, everyone’s favourite lunch in Saudi, and falafel, a vegetarian fritter made with either fava beans or chickpeas. And who can forget shawarma, the most popular dish in the Middle East?

Looking for something different? Don’t worry; there’s something for everyone here in Riyadh.

Besides local dishes, many top-rated restaurants in Riyadh also serve international flavours.

Craving some gelato and other Italian desserts? Head to La Romana dal 1947 Café and satisfy your sweet tooth with triple-scoop ice cream, crepes, and cakes.

Longing for a taste of Asia? There’s no shortage of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Thai, and Korean restaurants to choose from in Riyadh.

Want some steak grilled to perfection? Or perhaps some nachos and tacos? You can eat anything you want at the best Mexican restaurants in the city.

So, satisfy your hunger and get the best deals for the most affordable restaurants in Riyadh from Welcome Saudi.


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