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Discover great places to visit in Khobar, a bustling city located in the Eastern Province and situated along the Gulf Coast.

Places to Visit in Khobar

Discover great places to visit in Khobar, a bustling city located in the Eastern Province and situated along the Gulf Coast.

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The residential core of the ‘Triplet Cities’

Al Khobar is a city along the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the ‘Triplet Cities’ of the Dammam metropolitan area and serves as the main residential district of the region. Al Khobar is also seen as a resort town due to the fact that it hosts various beaches and beach resorts. The city is bustling with life and really comes in its own at night time. You will find some of the largest malls of Saudi Arabia in the city of Khobar. Malls like the Mall of Dhahran and the al-Rashid Mall are popular among locals and tourists alike.


The history of the city is similar to that of Dammam. It used to be a small fishing village that was inhabited by the Dawasir tribe in 1923. After the discovery of oil in the neighboring regions, a port was established in the city of Khobar to export petroleum to Bahrain. Back then the city served as a residential district along with a commercial and industrial port. Later on, the port operations were moved to King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam. Similarly, petroleum exports were moved to Ras Tanura. This left Khobar with the role of a prime residential community. 


The rising demand for the residential areas led to fast growth in the city. Gradually the city also became a hotspot for shopping malls. In recent times, new resorts and entertainment facilities have also been established in the city. The city has successfully provided all of the latest facilities to its citizens.


Just like the city shares a common history with Dammam, the close proximity means that the geography and climate of Khobar is also similar to Dammam. The summers here are pretty hot and dry while the winters are relatively mild and dry. During winters the city experiences thunderstorms along with light rain. Hailstorm has also been recorded in the city. Due to the massive construction in the city, the urban heat island effect is also experienced in the city. 

Cultural Life

Being a primarily residential city, there are numerous recreational parks and monuments in the city. Prince Ibn Jalawy Park and Eskan Park are two of the most famous parks of the city. Arts and architecture get special importance in Khobar. As part of the Saudi seasons initiative, the Sharqiah Season was celebrated in the city. This event attracted over 730,000 visitors. A Bollywood festival was also held here. Internationally acclaimed performers like Sean Paul and Tiesto were part of the Shariqah Season celebration.


Like much of Saudi Arabia, the most popular sport here is football. Other sports played in the city include cricket, badminton, and volleyball. Health and education also get top priority in the city. Khobar has some of the top hospitals in the region. These hospitals include government-funded as well as private hospitals. In terms of educational facilities, the city has over 100 public as well as private schools. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University are the two major universities located close to the city. Students also have the option to avail higher education in the nearby city of Dammam.

Popular Attractions

The King Fahd Causeway is an architectural wonder. This 25 km, 4 lane landbridge connects Saudi Arabia with Bahrain. Just to the north of the causeway, the Khobar Corniche district starts. This beautiful area is full of parks, walkways, viewpoints, dining options, and prayer areas. The Khobar Corniche Mosque is also a popular tourist attraction in the area. Khobar Water Tower is one of the major landmarks and jewels of the city. It appears magnificent, especially at night when it is lit up with bright, colorful lights. 


The Prince Sultan Science & Technology Center, also known as SciTec is located in the Khobar Corniche. It hosts exhibitions on natural history & space travel. It is a great source of education for kids as well as people of all ages. You will learn mathematics, biology, and a whole lot about the scientific journey. SciTec also provides a great astronomical observatory along with an IMAX cinema. 


Suwaiket Street, also known as Prince Bandar ibn Abdulaziz Street is one of the oldest markets of the city. Visitors can find loads of different items to buy from here like clothing, dresses, fabrics, toys, gold, and lots more. This place is full of life and offers a glimpse of the everyday life of the old Khobar.