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Asian Taste Restaurant - Riyadh
Asian, Chinese, Korean
Very Good ( 14 Reviews )
Meatin Grill's Korean BBQ - Riyadh
Very Good ( 23 Reviews )
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Exploring the 99-storey-tall Kingdom Center Tower in Riyadh, one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s tallest skyscrapers, is tiring work. After all, you’ll  do more than just ride the elevator to the top so you could gape at the view of downtown Riyadh from the Sky Bridge. You’ll also visit dozens of stores at the Al Mamlaka shopping mall in the Kingdom Centre’s east wing and take in a feature film at the VOX Cinema in the west wing.

Now, you’re famished and in the mood for Korean food. You can just imagine yourself devouring fresh lettuce wraps containing a piece or two of grilled beef brisket with some freshly steamed rice and a dash of ssamjang. Fortunately, there are excellent Korean restaurants in Riyadh. 

MEATIN Grill on Anas Ibn Malik Road is a top-rated Korean barbecue restaurant in Riyadh. It is also just a 15-minute drive away from the Kingdom Centre Tower.

One of the first Korean restaurants in Riyadh, MEATIN Grill’s is also one of the city’s best. In this buffet-style BBQ restaurant, you can grill unlimited servings of beef, chicken, and shrimp. Your protein choices include beef brisket, beef, shrimp and chicken bulgogi, spicy beef, spicy shrimp, and steak.

A Korean BBQ experience isn’t complete without banchan or Korean side dishes. At MEATIN Grill’s Riyadh Korean restaurant, side dish selections include bap (steamed rice, tang (soup), kimchi, ttangkong (peanuts), miyeok muchim (seaweed salad), tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes), danmuji (yellow pickled radish), and maneul jangajji (pickled garlic).

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