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Where History Meets Modernity

The history of Tabuk province goes back over 5000 years. This historic land, known in ancient times as Madyan is mentioned in the Bible as well as the Holy Quran. Ancient temples and archeological sites can be found all over Tabuk. The area held great importance as an important trade route. The Hejaz railway also passed through the region and had an important stop at Tabuk.


The province itself is located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. Tabuk shares a generous coastline with the Red Sea and also shares a border with Jordan. Egypt is also a close neighbor with only the Gulf of Aqaba between the two. Fahad bin Sultan has been the governor of Tabuk since 1987. The capital of Tabuk province is the city of Tabuk. It is an oasis city with great archeological sites as well as all the modern amenities that make it a great place for residents and visitors alike. A number of multibillion-dollar megaprojects are in progress with the aim to make Tabuk province one of the leading travel destinations in the world.



Tabuk province is located in one of the most historically significant areas of the Arabian peninsula. The northwest region where Tabuk is located was home to ancient civilizations. As per the beliefs of Christianity, the Bible mentions the city of ‘Midian’ which was named after the son of Abraham (Prophet Ibrahim AS). 


The Holy Quran mentions the city of Madyan 10 times. The people of this city as referred to as ashabu l-ʾaykah (companions of the wood). According to the holy Quran, the Prophet Musa (AS) escaped to the city of Madyan when the Egyptian Pharaoh made a plan to kill him. The Prophet Musa (AS) spent ten years in this land. Another mention of Madyan includes the story of Prophet Shu’aib (AS). He was sent to the people of Madyan to preach to them about the correct way and warn them against using false weights and robbing caravans. Due to their stubbornness, they were punished in the same way as the people of Thamud. An earthquake struck them at night and buried them in their houses. 


Throughout history, the province of Tabuk has been home to various travelers, pilgrims, traders, and merchants. It has played an important role as a hub of commerce. Due to its location, it has also served as an important crossroad for pilgrims. The famous Hejaz railway also passed through the province and had an important stop in the city of Tabuk.


Geography & Culture

Tabuk is part of the Hejaz region. In terms of geography, the province of Tabuk consists of a vast coastal plain, mountainous regions like the Madyan mountains, dormant volcanoes, and volcanic sand that can be found throughout most of the region. The city of Tabuk is situated in a fertile oasis. The northern coast of Saudi Arabia starts in the province of Tabuk. The clear waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea that borders Tabuk are known for some great views, scuba diving, and snorkeling. In contrast to other regions of the country, Tabuk has a milder climate and you will even find snow here in the winters.  


Tabuk is the melting pot of cultures and civilizations. You will find great cuisines that are inspired by centuries-old traditions as well as the neighboring regions. Wonderful archeological sites give a great insight into the extremely rich history and culture of the province. 


Popular Attractions

Tabuk can be termed as a huge open-air museum containing countless archeological wonders. The Tabuk Ottoman Castle is among some of the most well known attractions of the province. This old castle has been converted into a museum that offers tourists a detailed timeline of the interesting history of the province. Another popular site is the Hijaz Railway Station (Tabuk station). Established in 1900 AD, this important stop along the Hejaz railway now contains a preserved and restored railway engine, freight cars, relics, and manuscripts of that time. Some more places that visitors love to visit include Al Tawba Mosque and the Tayma Fort.


The province of Tabuk is blessed with immense natural beauty and wonders. Wadi Disah is a splendid valley covered with majestic palm trees. Adventure seekers love hiking through this marvelous natural wonder. Similarly, another enchanting valley of the region is the Wadi Tayyib Al Ism. This valley is situated near the famous coastal town of Maqna. Just nearby, you will also find the 12 Springs of Prophet Moses (A.S.) and the Catalina Seaplane Wreckage. Umluj is a small coastal town in Tabuk province that contains more than 100 beautiful islands. This place has often been dubbed as the ‘Maldives of Saudi Arabia’.


Upcoming Megaprojects

Tabuk province is a rapidly growing tourist hotspot. Being one of the most historically rich areas while also having the flawless geography and climate makes it a tourist favorite. The Saudi Government under Vision 2030 has planned a number of different projects like the Red Sea Project. This sustainable, regenerative project seeks to attract global tourism to the pristine shores of the Red Sea. Other projects in the region include the ultra-luxury destination AMAALA and the $500 billion city of the future, NEOM.


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