About us

About this website

Welcome Saudi is a leading Travel Search & Review website designed to help travellers find the Best Hotels, Restaurants and Tourist Destinations in Saudi Arabia. We provide users with unique and valuable content to help them in their travel journey.

Welcome Saudi is a British-Saudi collaboration that was launched to help travelers to find best deals for hotels & restaurants across different sources: booking, expedia, agoda, etc..

We aggregate best pricing across more than +70 sources. Travellers can find best prices for services they are looking for as well as leave reviews based on their experience.

Besides that each business can claim their own webpage and make a serious value contribution by marketing their services, managing their reviews and content displayed on our website.

The Welcome Saudi Team believes in supporting good causes and we partner with registered charitable organisations to support those less fortunate worldwide.

Who we are

Welcome Saudi is comprised of a team of British, Saudi and International experts including investors, entrepreneurs and software engineers who use cutting edge technologies to provide customers with most amazing, effective and time saving travel experience.

Our mission is to connect travelers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to businesses offering travel and hospitality services under our application in order to help them scale and provide premium services to their customers.

Welcome Saudi helps provide a win-win solution by connecting both travellers and customer focused businesses. As tourism grows in Saudi Arabia we hope to encourage a high standard of  customer satisfaction for both international and domestic travellers.

What do we offer?


Book hotels

Find the best deals for hotels accross Saudi Arabia from more than +70 sources.

We provide latest reviews, pictures and travel tips that helps you understand each hotel better.


Meet restaurants

Saudi Arabia has some amazing restaurants. Our restaurant search facility provides an overview of restaurants in different cities.

Your can filter search results based on cuisine and restaurant type.


Discover destinations

Explore the most interesting and impressive destinations across Saudi Arabia. Discover new places, attractive sights and visit monuments that will let you dive into the history of Saudi Arabia.

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