A city in The Qassim Province

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A city in The Qassim Province

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The city of Dates

Buraydah the capital of Qassim province is a beautiful city that is rapidly growing as a major tourist hotspot. Being ideally located at the very center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ensures that it is well connected to all other regions of the country. There is a complex network of highways that run through the city. Buraydah is an agricultural hub. It is called the city of dates for the production of high-quality dates as well as the 35-day annual date festival that is held here. Producers and buyers from all across the country as well as the GCC region flock to this festival to get their hands on some of the finest dates. 


While the surroundings of the city offer the charming indulgence of country life with the abundant farms and orchards, the city itself is modern and has plenty of tourist attractions. You will find museums here that covers the rich history of the city and the region. There are also a number of parks, entertainment centers, shopping malls, and dining options in Buraydah. The city celebrates a number of different festivals and events that are organized throughout the year. The dry climate ensures that you can go out and enjoy the festivities that the city has to offer. 



Buraydah was an important station along the Zubaydah Hajj Route that was constructed during the time of caliph Harun Al Rashid. Reception areas and water holes were made available to the pilgrims in the city. Being located in the Najd region of the Kingdom, the city and its surrounding regions have historically been a center of agriculture, trade, and commerce. It has also served as an important passageway and stopover point for pilgrims, especially those coming in from the regions of Iraq and Persia.


In the late 16th century, the emirate of Buraydah was established by the Al Abu Olayan dynasty of the Banu Tamim tribe. The city of Buraydah was built on the order of the leader of the dynasty, Rashid Al Duraiby. It was then made the capital of the province.



The city has a typical desert climate. The summers are long and hot with low humidity. Meanwhile, the winters are pretty short and moderate. Being an oasis, the city is not only known for the ample palm trees and date production but also for the cultivation of various citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Even though wheat was just introduced recently in the region but it became so successful that Buraydah has become one of the largest wheat producers in the country. 


Buraydah is situated at an elevation of 650 meters above sea level. The largest valley of Saudi Arabia, the 600 km long Wadi al-Rummah passes through the city. Even though this valley is mostly dry now but according to historians it used to be a major river that flowed from Makkah to the Arabian Gulf thousands of years ago. Due to this the region still has a generous amount of groundwater that helps make it one of the greenest and most fertile regions in Saudi Arabia with an abundant agricultural yield. The climate is also favorable for the plantation of dates, lemons, oranges, grapes, pomegranates, wheat, and a number of different vegetables. 


Popular Attractions

Buraydah has a rich history that can be witnessed in museums such as the Buraydah Museum and the Aloqilat Museum. Nearby to the Buraydah Museum, you will find the lush green King Khalid Park and Garden. Entry to this park is free of cost and you can relax, and spend quality time here. It also includes a swimming pool and different activities are also organized in the park. Buraydah Water Tower is a major landmark of the capital city of Buraydah. It even has a viewpoint at the top floor that allows visitors to get an amazing birdseye view of the city.


The world’s largest camel market, the Al Qassim Camel Market is located a short distance from the city. Thousands of camels, sheep, and goats are sold here along with saddles and other relevant accessories. Even though it is a very crowded place and the smell can be overwhelming for visitors but it does offer a very unique, truly Saudi experience to visitors.


Agritourism is a growing attraction of the city. The farms and orchards located in the vicinity welcome tourists and provide them a rare opportunity to witness the majestic palm groves and plantations. You can even buy the produce directly from these farms. This can be a fun, close-to-nature getaway for tourists.