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A city in The Al Bahah Province

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A city in The Al Bahah Province

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Al Bahah
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The Garden of Hejaz

The capital of Al Bahah province has been aptly named the garden of Hejaz. It is a city of immense natural beauty and an agreeable climate. Not only this, but you can also find some fascinating cultural and historical sites in the region. Al Bahah is quickly becoming a top tourist destination of Saudi Arabia due to its unique characteristics. Traversing through the city you will notice the familiar stone towers that are dotted throughout the region. Commonly referred to as ‘qasaba’, these structures and said to be guard towers meant to protect roads, plantations, and villages from unwanted outsiders. These stone structures have earned the region its name ‘the region of 1001 towers’.


The city of Al Bahah hosts the annual Al Baha Summer Tourism Festival. This festival includes a number of activities and sporting events. Another famous festival of the city is the International Honey festival. Al Baha is well known for its production of high-quality honey. Farmers bring their best luxury honey to this festival and it also attracts many people from all over the country as well as international visitors. Most of the inhabitants of the city are from the two Azd tribes of Ghamid and Zahran. Some new tribes have also started to settle here in recent times.


The historical village of Zee Al-Ain is another jewel of the region. It is truly a marvel of nature. The white hill on top of which the village is built is a treat for the eyes. Natural springs flow at the bottom of this hill into a fertile oasis. It has been placed on the list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage sites due to its unique structures and 400-year-old history. This village is a testament to the battles fought between the Ottomans and the inhabitants of the village. 


Visitors interesting in learning about the rich history of the city should definitely visit the Al-Bahah Museum for Antiquities and National Heritage. Curated by the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage (SCTH), the museum takes you through the long and interesting history of Al Bahah from prehistoric times, to the Islamic era, and the more recent formation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The geography of Al Bahah is unlike any other region. The city is situated among the cliffs of the Sarawat mountains. The area receives relatively high rainfall and has a temperate climate which gives this area a dense plant cover.  Just below the city, you will find the Tihamah coastal plain. This area is known for its hot and humid weather and low rainfall. Al Bahah is known for its natural landscape and beauty. There are around over 50 forests and wildlife areas in the surrounding regions of the city, these include including Raghdan, al Zaraeb, and Baidan. Al Bahah truly offers an amazing landscape for visitors. The weather remains pleasant and moderate, you can even witness lightning storms and hailstorms of the city. The region is fertile and well known for its agricultural products like grain, dates, fruits, vegetables, and honey.

Popular Attractions

No visit to Al Bahah is complete without visiting the museums of the city. The three museums of the city will provide you with detailed knowledge about the history and culture of the city. The Al Amiriyah and Al Beqerb Museum have an extensive collection of the leather and kitchenware used by the locals that lived here in ancient times. Meanwhile, the Al Arsh Heritage Museum gives a detailed background of the ancient Al Bahah governorate and showcases many artifacts from the time. Al Bahah Souk is one of the largest souks in the region. This traditional souk is held on every Tuesday and local vendors from the Tihama coastal strip bring their products to the market. Items such as honey, wickerwork, basil, household items, textiles, kadi, livestock birds, fish, and lots more. The souk is an amazing area that gives an insider’s view into the culture and life of the region. 


Prince Hussam Park is another interesting attraction of the city. It may be small by the standards of other famous parks in Saudi Arabia but the unique, winding paths, waterfall, ponds, dancing fountain, playground, and beautiful green lawn guarantee visitors a soothing trip. The Marble Village of Dhee Ayn is another interesting attraction located around 24 km south of the city. The stunning white hilltop village and its heavenly natural features like the palm groves, banana plantations, and guavas offer a tasteful experience to tourists. 

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