A city in The Jazan Province

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A city in The Jazan Province

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Capital of the Jizan Province

Jazan City is an important port city situated on the Red Sea. It is the capital of the Jazan Province. Being located on the pristine coast of the Red Sea gives the city incredible views. It is not only an important seaport of Saudi Arabia but is also famous as a popular tourist destination. The incredible beauty and natural diversity of the region have attracted the attention of local as well as international tourists. 


Jazan is the most important city of the Tihamah coastal plain. These coastal plains extend along the coast of the Red Sea. The area surrounding Jizan is distinct in the sense that it does not have the typical huge sand dunes that are a distinct part of the Saudi Arabian desert. Instead, you will find low-lying, white sand dunes here. The Farasan Islands are situated opposite Jazan City at a distance of approximately 40 km. These Islands are a jewel of the Red Sea and offer unparalleled and unspoiled biodiversity.



The history of the city dates back centuries. Artifacts discovered in the surrounding areas have been dated back to the Bronze Age. The city played an important role throughout history due to its strategic location along the maritime trade route. The Romans expanded maritime trade through the Red Sea and this region played a crucial part in sustaining their economy. The Jizan province became part of the Muslim Empire in the 7th century CE. During the Ottoman period, a number of forts were built in the region. The Dosrih fort and the one in the Farasan Islands are two great examples of their architecture. Even during World War II, the Germans built a fort on the Farasan islands due to its strategic location.  


During the early 20th century Jazan used to be a major site for pearl fishing. After the onset of  World War I, this industry was shut down. Today, Jazan is home to important agricultural developments. The outskirts of the city are rapidly being developed into agricultural powerhouses. Apart from agriculture, the region also plays an important role in the energy and tourism sector. Jazan Economic City was established recently and we are seeing a number of mega projects being initiated in the region.


Jazan Refinery is one such megaproject under construction and owned by Saudi Aramco. The Refinery is set to process heavy and medium crude oil to create liquefied petroleum gas along with other important byproducts. It is expected to have a massive output of 400,000 barrels per day. Jazan is also an important part of Saudi Arabia's naval industry.



Jazan City is the agricultural heartland of the country. The milder temperature, fertile soil, and groundwater allow the cultivation of tropical fruits like figs, papayas, and mangos. 


The surrounding areas of the city are well-cultivated because of new irrigation projects initiated by the government and have become one of the main agricultural regions of Saudi Arabia. Crops produced in the region include wheat, rice, barley, millet, and sorghum. 


The Tihamah coastal region is one of the hottest regions of the country. Temperatures can rise above 45°C. It is not only hot but also humid in these coastal regions. On the other side, the mountainous areas of the region offer a much milder climate.


Cultural Life

Jazan Heritage Village provides a great opportunity for tourists to learn about the cultural life of the city. You can find models of traditional, local homes and artifacts of the region all under one roof. It is a welcoming place for visitors and offers a depth of knowledge regarding the different stages of the city and its various influences. 


The North Corniche Park allows you to stroll through the long waterfront promenade and enjoy the cuisine of the area. There are jogging tracks and kids’ playgrounds in this location. The modern culture of the city can be experienced firsthand in this location.


The local architecture displays in the city show the rich cultural history of the city along with the Ottoman and Yemeni influences. The city is well connected and roads link the port to its fertile hinterland. Jizan Regional airport provides connections to other parts of Saudi Arabia.


Popular Attractions

Wadi Lajab is an amazing natural wonder of the city. Adventure seekers really love this magical place. It is a true ‘heaven in the desert’ and provides an unforgettable hiking experience. Visitors can enjoy the serene landscape and wildlife that frequents the oasis. 


Another popular attraction of the city is the Farasan Islands. Being a conservation-protected area, the region is home to diverse wildlife and marine life. The people of the island are extremely hospitable. You will get to experience unspoiled coral reefs and different species of fish here. Scuba diving and other water sports are the main activities offered here. You can avail the free ferry ride to the island that makes the voyage twice a day.