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Found in the Eastern Province and known for being Saudi Arabia's home for civil engineering, you’ll always find places to visit in Jubail.

Places to Visit in Jubail

Found in the Eastern Province and known for being Saudi Arabia's home for civil engineering, you’ll always find places to visit in Jubail.

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The largest civil engineering project in the world

Jubail consists of the old town, Jubail Balad. This used to be a fishing and pearling village. In 1975, the Jubail Industrial City emerged as the world’s largest civil engineering project. It was a whole new massive city that rose from the sand. Jubail saw massive growth as industrialization started gaining momentum. Today, it contributes approximately 7% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Saudi Arabia. 


Bechtel, a company based in the United States continues to work on the expansion and development of Jubail Industrial City. Major highways and roads link Jubail to other cities. Two of the major highways are the Dhahran-Jubail Highway and Abu Hadriyah Highway. The city is served by two major seaports, the Jubail Commercial Sea Port and the King Fahd Industrial Sea Port. It is also connected to the nearby King Fahd International airport in Dammam.


​​The area that is now Jubail has been inhabited by humans for centuries. It used to be the home of the ancient Dilmun civilization. This civilization was actively engaged in maritime trade and commerce. Its strategic location on the Arabian Gulf adds to the historic importance of the city. 


Fast forward to modern times, the city of Jubail caught the eyes of the world when it became the first site in Saudi Arabia for the exploration of oil. In 1975, the Jubail Industrial City - the world’s largest industrial city was established.


Jubail has a hot desert climate that is pretty much common in the Eastern Province. The city was literally built on top of the desert. It is a harsh and tough terrain that has been transformed into a modern, livable city with all the amenities of life. The city also makes use of sustainable technologies to counter the harsh environment. The world’s largest water desalination plant called Saline Water Conversion Corp (SWCC) is located in Jubail. This record has been verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Cultural Life

UNESCO has included Jubail Industrial City into its Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC). This recognition from the UN’s top cultural body comes due to the commitment of the city to provide lifelong learning for its residents. Jubail also introduced policies that promote inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable development.


Jubail has always been a major educational and industrial hub. This culture makes Jubail the first learning city of Saudi Arabia and will also play a vital role in achieving the Saudi Vision 2030. 


Jubail follows the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) laid out by the United Nations. You will be pleased to know that the city has a huge recycling initiative that recycles tonnes of garbage on daily basis. The housing in the city is also modern. Despite the massive growth rate of the city and an ever-increasing population, the city offers its residents a great living standard. Care is taken for the educational as well as entertainment needs of the residents. Residents can also benefit from the latest medical and dental facilities. Entertainment facilities are also available for tourists and visitors. The city has an active, healthy, and contemporary lifestyle.

Popular Attractions

The most popular attraction of Jubail is its pristine, picturesque beaches. Fanateer Beach is one of the top beaches of the city. You will find loads of local as well as foreign visitors enjoying the seaside with their families and friends. You can enjoy a walk on this beach along the walkways that are lined with palm trees. Another way to enjoy the beauty of this location is by taking a boat ride. Shoppers can splurge in the nearby Fanateer Mall and also dine in the accompanying restaurants. 


Al Nakheel Beach is another famous beach in the city. It is a family-friendly beach and also includes a wonderful park and playing area for kids. The beach is surprisingly clean and well maintained. You can enjoy an early morning walk or spend the weekend here. The Galleria Mall is another popular tourist attraction. It is the premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination that has something for the entire family.


Corniche Jubail is a must visit spot while you are in the city. The true beauty of the Arabian Gulf can be fully enjoyed from the promenade of the Corniche Jubail. It has a 2.5 km long stretch that provides ample space for joggers and runners. The corniche is relatively less crowded and offers playgrounds for kids also.