NEOM is located along the coast of The Red Sea and The Gulf of Aqaba in north western Saudi Arabia in the Tabuk Province. The $500 Billion NEOM Giga Project encompasses multiple luxury tourist destinations including Sindalah Island and Trojena.

The Best Places to Visit in NEOM: Your Guide to The NEOM Giga Project

NEOM is located along the coast of The Red Sea and The Gulf of Aqaba in north western Saudi Arabia in the Tabuk Province. The $500 Billion NEOM Giga Project encompasses multiple luxury tourist destinations including Sindalah Island and Trojena.

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What is NEOM?

NEOM is a grand project which reimagines the future of living in Saudi Arabia. NEOM is a $500 billion giga project which aims to sustainable living, economy and luxury tourism. NEOM is Funded by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (The PIF), which manages assets $800 billion in assets.

The name NEOM comes from the combination of two distinct words. The initial three letters are come from the ancient Greek prefix 'Neo', meaning 'New.' The letter 'M' is taken from 'Mustaqbal,' an Arabic word which means 'future'.

The Vision of NEOM is driven by His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the NEOM Company. 

NEOM'S Location

Situated on the Red Sea coast in the northwest Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia, NEOM's exceptional location offers sun-drenched beaches and snow-capped mountains, preserving 95% of the natural landscape, offering an incredible 468km of pristine Red Sea coastline.

Approximately one-tenth of global trade already passes through the Red Sea, and according to NEOM's leaders, the project is just a four-hour flight away from nearly 40% of the world's population, making it an easily accessible tourist destination and a lucrative opportunity for business investors.

NEOM is located north of the Red Sea Global giga project which also located in the Tabuk Province along the Red Sea coastline.

His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Chairman of the NEOM Company Board of Directors

"THE LINE will address the challenges facing urban life today and provide alternative ways of living. The livability and environmental crises our world's cities face cannot be ignored, and NEOM is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to these issues. NEOM is leading a team of highly skilled professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction to turn the concept of sustainable vertical development into reality."

Inspiring NEOM Projects

The NEOM giga project currently covers 11 amazing projects ranging from the 100 mile long city called THE LINE to an all year round ski resort called Trojena:


Key Facts About NEOM

The scale, ambition, and vision of the project itself are stunning. What sets NEOM apart is its harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and innovative designs with a clear commitment to Arabian customs and hospitality.

Powered by clean energy, NEOM is envisioned as an innovation and creativity hub, integrating artificial intelligence, robotics, and human-machine fusion into daily life. But the remarkable features don't end there.

NEOM city will be the site of several ambitious mega-projects, including TROJENA, a mountain destination; The LINE, a linear city; and OXAGON, a center for advanced and clean industries.



Sindalah, NEOM's first physical manifestation, aims to redefine luxury tourism. Located in the enchanting Red Sea, this unparalleled island destination seamlessly combines advanced technology, sustainable design, and stunning natural beauty.

From exclusive beach and yacht clubs to a wellness center, Sindalah offers a range of high-end amenities. The island will feature 51 luxury retail outlets, luxurious hotels, and a substantial marina, promising the utmost luxury in a year-round destination.

Luxury Yachting Destination

Sindalah is designed to be the ultimate destination for boat owners and yachting enthusiasts. With its 86-berth marina and 75 offshore buoys, it is poised to become a global hotspot for the most spectacular vessels in the world.

To propel Sindalah towards its vision of becoming a premier yachting destination, NEOM has partnered with JLS Yachts, aiming to transform Sindalah, one of NEOM's 41 islands, into a yachting paradise.

To establish Sindalah as a luxurious hub for yacht owners worldwide, NEOM collaborates with the MB92 group, renowned for superyacht repair and maintenance. This partnership is pivotal in creating a new luxury yacht repair center at Sindalah.

Partnering with BURGESS, the world-famous superyacht provider, NEOM offers premium yachting services for Sindalah Island, an idyllic luxury destination on the rise.

NEOM aims to develop an ultra-luxurious nine-hole beachfront golf course on the exclusive Sindalah island in collaboration with IMG Golf Course Services. Covering 6,474 yards (5,920 meters) throughout the year, this par 70 golf course will consist of nine holes and 18 teeing points, complete with a 280-meter driving range.

Sindalah Island offers more than just golf. It will host a sports club overseen by IMG Golf Course Services, featuring a modern gym, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, spa amenities, and various sports courts, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded sporting experience.

Through these partnerships, NEOM is committed to preserving untouched landscapes. Sindalah Island, with its magnificent peaks and breathtaking coastal waters, aims to be a new model for sustainable tourism.


Luxury Hotels on Sindalah Island

Marriott International has agreed with NEOM to establish three upscale hotels on Sindalah Island.

The multi-property arrangement between Marriott International and NEOM allows for an exclusive fusion of opulence and forward-thinking. This pact encompasses the inaugural Autograph Collection Hotels property in Saudi Arabia alongside two Luxury Collection properties.

Jerome Briet, chief development officer, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Marriott International, expressed, "NEOM is one of the most highly-anticipated developments in the world, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with its team to develop these three compelling properties."

Upon completion, Sindalah Island is set to showcase 400 ultra-premium hotel rooms, 300 luxurious suites, a beach club, a world-class yacht club, and 38 upscale restaurants.


THE LINE at NEOM City is a revolutionary project to redefine work, living, and sustainability. Upon anticipated completion by 2045, the project is designed to accommodate approximately nine million residents, making it the primary home for most of NEOM's population.

THE LINE, a central component of NEOM's grand vision, is a city like no other. It is a vertical city with a minimal footprint, stretching 170 kilometers and reaching a height of 500 meters.

Located within NEOM on the Red Sea in northwest Saudi Arabia, THE LINE showcases diverse terrain, including red desert expanses and snow-covered mountains, with views of the Gulf of Aqaba. 40% of the world can be reached within 6 hours by air, and 13% of global trade flows through the Suez Canal.

NEOM: A Unique Vertical City

The most notable feature of THE LINE is its vertical design. Residents can easily travel between different "modules" or communities, accommodating around 80,000 people. This vertical structure allows for efficient travel, eliminating the need to descend to ground level to move from one side of the city to another.

NEOM City's commitment to sustainability is reflected in THE LINE's design, which aims to operate entirely on renewable energy sources. This makes it the world's first city with a zero-carbon footprint, placing it at the forefront of sustainable urban development.

Sustainable Infrastructure

NEOM City is committed to sustainability and plans to utilize remineralized desalinated water and reduce water waste through an efficient vertical system. Moreover, the city has implemented a comprehensive monitoring system for energy and water, enhancing overall efficiency.

NEOM City, led by Saudi Arabia, is at the forefront of sustainable and technologically advanced urban living. As The LINE continues to develop, the world eagerly anticipates a new phase in urban evolution. The future is seems not only promising but also eco-friendly.


Located within the NEOM city project, Trojena plays a vital role in the grand vision of this initiative. Blending natural beauty with futuristic innovation, Trojena redefines the concept of mountain resorts and destinations and is home. Situated 50 kilometers from the Gulf of Aqaba coast, Trojena covers an area of approximately 60 square kilometers, with elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,600 meters.

Its mountainous location grants it a unique climate, including winter snow and cooler summer temperatures. These geographical features and the availability of various recreational activities make Trojena an integral part of NEOM's diverse offerings.

World Class Hotels at TROJENA

TROJENA is due to become the home of the very first, W Hotel in Saudi Arabia establishling Trojena as a premier destination aligned with renowned luxury travel brands. These hotels are crucial in positioning Trojena as a venue for significant global conferences, exhibitions, and prestigious events. A key feature will be an artificial freshwater lake designed to improve the quality of life for humans and animals, providing various experiences, water sports, and entertainment activities.

Additionally, a Water Village will be situated on the lake's perimeter as an integral component of the initiative. TROJENA is undergoing development to become a year-round hub for adventure sports. The project includes the creation of a ski village, various retail outlets, restaurants, sports facilities, and an engaging nature reserve.

TROJENA Ski Resort

NEOM has recently announced significant progress in TROJENA Snow Resort, an exceptional year-round snow resort located in the highest mountain range in the Tabuk Province.

TROJENA marks NEOM's first sub-zero snow destination and offers a unique outdoor ski resort experience throughout the year. TROJENA is also due to host the Asian Winter Games in 2029.

TROJENA's combination of natural beauty and technological innovation is a beacon for the future. The opportunity to create something unique and leave a tangible legacy makes TROJENA an exciting project.

330-Meter Crystalline Skyscraper

Something extraordinary is happening at Saudi Arabia's Trojena Ski Resort. Zaha Hadid Architects, a renowned British architectural firm, has revealed an awe-inspiring vision: the Discovery Tower.

Standing at an impressive height of 330 meters and boasting a mesmerizing crystalline design, this skyscraper will redefine the skyline and symbolize NEOM's promise.

This resort is currently in the planning stages and is being crafted by renowned architectural firms such as Zaha Hadid Architects, forming an integral part of the Neom development.


OXAGON transcends being simply another name in the industry. It represents a transformative force and a paradigm shift. Led by experienced industry leaders, OXAGON aims to redefine the world as we know it.

The Port of OXAGON envisions itself as a hub for innovators and entrepreneurs, seamlessly integrating industries and technology with the natural environment. 

Aligned with Vision 2030, OXAGON is on track to become the world's largest floating structure, facilitating 13 percent of global trade through the Suez Canal.

The city's ambitious goals include accommodating 90,000 residents and generating 70,000 jobs by 2030. OXAGON seeks to redefine work, living, and sustainability as a city powered entirely by clean energy.

In 2023, Kerten Hospitality was selected as one of the pioneering operators for NEOM's Oxagon project. The debut of a House Residence branded property, comprising 200 serviced apartments, is scheduled to open in 2025.

In pursuing sustainability and environmental friendliness, NEOM Green Hydrogen Company (NGHC) has achieved a significant milestone. They have successfully shipped 250 wind turbines to the Wind Garden site, where the largest green hydrogen plant is being assembled.


NEOM Leyja, an exquisite sanctuary nestled along the captivating Gulf of Aqaba, is a testament to the influence of nature, history, and mythology. A place destined to captivate, where one can unwind, recharge, and immerse in the tranquil surroundings.

An integral part of NEOM's ongoing commitment to evolving into a versatile destination, Leyja is leading the way in boosting the Kingdom's tourism industry in harmony with Saudi Vision 2030.

With its eco-luxurious offerings, Leyja is not merely a tourist spot but a symbol of broader conservation aspirations. NEOM plans to allocate significant land as a nature reserve across its cities and destinations. Leyja guarantees the preservation of 95% of its area for natural purposes.

Our Habitas Luxury Hotels

Leyja is set to include three hotels under the 'Our Habitas' brand. The first property, The Adventure Hotel, is specifically tailored for dynamic exploration. Positioned uniquely within the cliff top and valley sides, it caters to individuals interested in nearby exhilarating activities like rock climbing.

The second property, The Oasis Hotel, emerges from the rocky surroundings, occupying a prominent position at the heart of the wadi's most extensive oasis.

The third property, The Wellness Hotel, is a comprehensive wellness sanctuary that promotes longevity. It facilitates the natural flow of the wadi through the center of the property, providing an engaging experience for visitors.

These properties will offer 120 elegant boutique rooms and suites, evenly distributed with 40 keys at each hotel.

NEOM Leyja symbolizes the future of eco-tourism. With its breathtaking landscapes and dedication to conservation, Leyja is poised to become a destination for those seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.


NEOM Epicon, an ultra-luxury hotel, resort, and residential destination, sets new standards for living and vacationing. EPICON is set to be built on the Gulf of Aqaba coast in northwestern Saudi Arabia

NEOM Epicon offers unmatched views of the coastal plain, standing elegantly amidst awe-inspiring surroundings. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, this location promises an immersive and life-affirming experience.

Futuristic Luxury Towers

Epicon's architectural magnificence is embodied by its two dazzling towers. Rising like shimmering mirages in NEOM's desert scenery, these towers reach 225 meters and 275 meters, respectively. Within them lies an ultra-premium 41-key hotel and upscale residences featuring 14 suites and apartments.

Adjacent to these towering skyscrapers lies the Epicon resort. A haven of tranquility and luxury, the resort comprises 120 rooms and 45 elegant residential beach villas. Merging luxury and serenity, the resort offers an escape from the ordinary.


NEOM's Siranna showcases a revolutionary concept in luxury hospitality. It blends nature's untouched beauty with innovative architecture, creating a serene space that radiates tranquility and originality.

The futuristic and ultra-luxurious Siranna includes a 65-room hotel and 35 exclusive residences boasting hexagonal pillars, providing uninterrupted views of the Red Sea.

Siranna's Location

Strategically positioned along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia, the Siranna retreat, designed by Woods Bagot, offers guests seamless vistas of the Red Sea. The tiered design ensures a variety of perspectives for an exceptional viewing experience.

The distinct architectural design of Siranna, marked by hexagonal pillars, seamlessly integrates with the adjacent mountains and flora, emerging gracefully from the rugged coastal terrain.  Resembling basalt column formations, these pillars present a contemporary and nature-aligned aesthetic that is genuinely unique.

With NEOM's Siranna, luxury hospitality is undergoing a redefinition. It's a place where the marvels of nature merge with architectural brilliance to craft a destination as exceptional as it is breathtaking. Experience the future of luxury hospitality with NEOM's Siranna.


NEOM has Introduced UTAMO, an Immersive cutting-edge art and entertainment destination in Saudi Arabia.

Situated along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline and nestled into mountainous surroundings, Utamo seamlessly blends the beauty of nature with cutting-edge technology

Visitors will be welcomed by a beautiful garden promenade at the entrance, leading to a majestic 64m high entrance that opens into the grand hall.

UTAMO is a unique destination that marries the natural allure of Saudi Arabia with progressive technology. Sheltered within a mountain along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, UTAMO emerges as an extraordinary event space.

This distinct setting will serve as a stage for global artists to host entertainment events, exhibitions, and art activations that aim to transform traditional entertainment experiences.

UTAMO merges the natural beauty of its surroundings with cutting-edge design and technology. It's a place where art and architecture blend effortlessly, offering visitors an unparalleled experience. 

To learn more about NEOM and the latest NEOM business developments check out:


NORLANA is anticipated to be an exquisite, luxurious Waterfront destination along the stunning Gulf of Aqaba. 

NORLANA is envisioned as an exclusive lifestyle destination featuring an ultra-premium hotel, luxurious residences, seafront villas and mansions, accompanied by a state of the art Superyacht Marina which is to form the centrepiece of Norlana.

Norlana Neom is also set to feature a magnificent 18-hole golf course and a world class equestrian and polo club.

With a focus on sports, well-being, and sustainability, NORLANA is set to be a thrilling escape that aligns with NEOM's commitment to sustainable yet luxurious living.

NORLANA  is meticulously designed to welcome a community of 3000 residents, with 711 exclusive residential properties. Norlana is also set to feature world class restaurants located in the marina.

One of Norlana's highlights is its cutting-edge 120-berth marina and a 70-room marina hotel. This waterfront hub is designed to accommodate superyachts, offering water taxi services for residents and guests.


NEOM has unveiled Aquellum, a luxury destination that combines opulence with the natural environment, situated along the Gulf of Aqaba.

Aquellum is ingeniously integrated within a towering 450 meter mountain, offering a spectacular blend of majestic architecture and state-of-the-art technology for a futuristic visitor experience.

Entry to Aquellum Neom is a journey in itself, with a state-of-the-art floating marina serving as the gateway. Here, guests embark on a custom-designed craft that navigates through an underwater canal, leading directly to the heart of Aquellum.

Upon arrival, visitors will be immersed in the exceptional opulence of Aquellum, featuring sumptuous hotels, premier shopping areas, and top-tier dining establishments.

Reaching Aquellum is an adventure. The journey starts at the world's first floating marina, where guests board a specially designed vessel. This vessel takes them through a concealed underground canal, ultimately leading to the hidden, immersive community of Aquellum.

A dynamic boulevard winds through the courtyard, connecting diverse social spaces, hospitality areas, immersive art installations, event venues, shopping, and dining experiences. This allows residents and guests to enjoy many experiences without venturing far from their doorstep.


NEOM has recently revealed ZARDUN, a high-end ecotourism resort situated by the stunning Gulf of Aqaba. Zardun features four luxurious buildings and three unique boutique hotels, providing a total of 100 rooms and suites that seamlessly blend contemporary luxury with the natural surroundings. 

Zardun covers four square kilometers, featuring a 360-degree observation deck and offering activities like trekking, mountain biking, and rock climbing for visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Zardun is situated in a breathtaking location, overlooking the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. Spanning four square kilometers, it stretches from the mountains to the seashore. 

The resort features four ultra-luxury structures that blend seamlessly with the landscape, offering guests an immersive experience in an eco-friendly context.

This hotel is a retreat for those seeking tranquility. Guests can engage in activities like meditation and yoga and enjoy spas and pools

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