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A city in The Makkah Province

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Connecting the Red Sea Economies

King Abdullah Economic City or KAEC for short, is a new, planned city that was established in 2005. It is a modern city that was designed as part of the Saudi initiative to diversify from an oil-based economy. The city is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, a mega sea port, and sustainable, family-friendly coastal residential communities. 


The port of the city, King Abdullah Port is designed to handle remarkable volumes of cargo. Once it is fully functional, it is poised to become one of the top 10 ports of the world. Being strategically situated on the world’s busiest maritime shipping routes, the port will prove to be a major facilitator for world trade as well as the economy of Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah Port has direct access to the national highway network. Thus creating a seamless link from sea to land.



The location of King Abdullah Economic City is well suited for trade and industry. It is situated in the Makkah province along the coast of the Red Sea. Access to the city has been made very easy thanks to the Haramain High-Speed Railway. You can reach the city in less than an hour by rail from Makkah, Medina, and Jeddah.


The total development area of KAEC is 173 km². Being just 100 kilometers north of Jeddah, it’s geography is relatively similar to Jeddah. The city shares a generous coastline with the Red Sea and has a great coastal plain that is favorable for development. 


To enter the city, you can easily request a visit on the official website and obtain a permit. You will receive a QR code and your vehicle registration plate will be scanned automatically at the e-gate to allow you access into the city.


City Components

The city is divided into different zones, each catering to a specific purpose. First, we have the King Abdullah Port which serves as a major transit hub for trade and commerce. 


Secondly, we have the Industrial Valley. This area is houses industrial and light manufacturing units. The Industrial Zone will provide employment opportunities to thousands of workers and help boost the economy of the country.


The Residential Area contains truly remarkable apartments and villas along with lush green areas, parks, commercial spaces, and recreational facilities. The coastal living accommodation offers sustainable living with an incredible view of the magnificent Red Sea. 


Lastly, the Resorts Area caters to international as well as local tourists. With over 120 proposed hotels, there is enough room to house large crowds. This area is a perfect venue to host international events, exhibitions, and conferences. Visitors can also enjoy the 18-hole golf course, yacht club, and water sports facilities.


Cultural Life

King Abdullah Economic City is not only a new world city for Saudi Arabia but also a new Saudi Arabian city for the world. It offers a modern and healthy lifestyle, complete security, and active community life to its residents. 


Since the city is purposefully designed, it will help prevent unwanted urban sprawl and congestion. People from all over the world are welcome to invest and be a part of the community. Due to this, the culture will be rich, diverse, and welcoming for all. 


Popular Attractions

Bay La Sun marina is a contemporary district with various attractions including an impeccable yet affordable 5-star hotel. There is plenty to do for both business and leisure seekers. In this area, you will find Juman Park, a lush green space offering family-friendly sports, a mini-golf course, swimming pools, bicycle stations, beachfront dining options, and a karting track. Bay X conference and exhibition center provides huge conference halls, an indoor theater, and a large outdoor zone, all equipped with the latest technology. A wide range of events are held here. 


The Art District in Bay La Sun gives you an opportunity to find creative works of art. You can enjoy a peaceful walking tour and enjoy the amazing graffiti, 3D art, and caricatures made by local artists. The Beach Walk is a modern landmark of the city that offers a breathtaking view of the Red Sea. There are dozens of fancy dining options available in the area. 


Apart from all this, there are plenty more attractions being developed for King Abdullah Economic City. The CEO of the city stated that the aim is to make KAEC a hub for elite sports as well as a popular tourist hotspot that offers exceptional water sports and fun activities to tourists. The day is not far when we might see the Hyperloop train become a reality in King Abdullah Economic City.