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Places to Visit in The Al Bahah Province

Saudi Regions


Enter the resort region of Saudi Arabia

Al Bahah may be the smallest province of the kingdom but its pleasant weather, lush green landscape, and rich heritage make it one of the main tourist hubs of the country. The word Bahah translates to different meanings such as ‘maximum of water’, ‘courtyard of a house’, and ‘high and abundant palm tree’. The region of Al Bahah is a surprising treat for visitors. Situated in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, it is a landlocked province with an area of approximately 15000 square kilometers. The mountains of the region go above 2000 meters and are covered with green vegetation. Even the climate of the region is surprisingly pleasant and refreshing. Unlike most other parts of Saudi Arabia, it is cool and humid here.


Al Bahah has an amazing variety of landscapes that include valleys, mountains, plains, forests, waterfalls, and the Tihama coastal plain. Mountains in the region include the Sarawat mountain range with heights varying between the 1500 - 2450 meter mark. The climate of the province is delightful with temperatures staying between 12 to 23 degrees Celsius. The phenomenon of fog is also often witnessed here. Being one of the major tourist resorts of the country has earned Al Bahah the nickname of ‘Pearl of the Resorts’. Some of the major cities of the province include Al Bahah (the capital city), Baljureshi, Almandaq, and Almekhwah. One of the trademarks of the region is its high-quality honey. The healthy traditional meals of the province are also known for their high nutritious value.


Al-Bahah Province contains a number of different types of landscapes. The Sarawat mountains are located on the western side of the region. Two of the main cities of the province, Al Bahah and Balijureshi are located among these steep cliffs. The area receives relatively high rainfall and has a temperate climate which gives this area a dense plant cover.   


If you move 2000 meters below this region, you will find the Tihamah coastal plain. This area is known for its hot and humid weather and low rainfall. Two other main cities of the province, Qilwah and Al Mikhwah are situated in this region. Moving towards the eastern part of the province, you will find the eastern hills that rise to an altitude of 1500 to 1900 meters. The climate of this area is an average of the previous two regions. It has cool winters, hot summers, and scattered ground cover.


Al Bahah has around 53 forests and wildlife areas that offer an amazing landscape for visitors. Another specialty of the province is the lightning storms and hailstorms of the region. The province is famous for its agricultural products like grain, dates, fruits, vegetables, and honey.

Cultural Life

Traversing through the province you will notice the familiar stone towers that are dotted throughout the region. Commonly referred to as ‘qasaba’, these structures and said to be guard towers meant to protect roads, plantations, and villages from unwanted outsiders. These stone structures have earned the province its name ‘the region of 1001 towers’.


The rich culture of the province takes inspiration from the agricultural past of the region. Songs and dances like the Al Ardah and Al Mal’abah are performed by peasants while holding daggers and swords. The region is also home to the two Azd tribes of Ghamid and Zahran. Nowadays, you will find up to 13 different tribes settled here along with 5 nomadic tribes.

Popular Attractions

The cities of Al Bahah and Baljureshi are among the top attractions of the province. Perched on top of precarious cliffs, these twin cities are located within a distance of 30 km from each other. While Al Bahah is currently the capital of the province, previously this title was held by Balijureshi. Both these cities offer great viewpoints, historical sites, an impressive culture, and recreational points such as parks. Qanona Valley is a beautiful natural landmark of the province. 


The Jibal Mussala Ibrahim is an imposing mountain that offers a magnificent view. Halfway to the summit, you will find the village of Sheda. This village in the sky offers unparalleled views of the surrounding valleys, cliffs, and terrace cultivations. The historical village of Zee Al-Ain is another jewel of the region. It is truly a marvel of nature. The white hill on top of which the village is built is a treat for the eyes. Natural springs flow at the bottom of this hill into a fertile oasis. It has been placed on the list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage sites due to its unique structures and 400-year-old history. ​

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