The Jeddah Central Development Company has taken a major step towards making Jeddah a top global tourist destination with the announcement of $3.2 billion in contracts for Phase One of the Jeddah Central project.

This ambitious development, spanning over 5.7 million square kilometers, will include a state-of-the-art stadium, an oceanarium, luxurious beach resorts, 2,700 hotel rooms, shopping centers, dining options, and 17,000 housing units. 

The strategic location of Jeddah on the Red Sea and its proximity to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah make it an ideal location for the PIF-owned developer to transform the $20 billion Jeddah Central project into a year-round tourist destination.

Major Architectural Landmarks

The first phase, which is expected to be finished by 2027, makes up 45% of the project and will result in three significant architectural landmarks being constructed. These landmarks consist of:

  • A stadium
  • An Oceanarium
  • An Opera house

The project, along with essential infrastructure and utility facilities, spread over a sprawling 5.7 million square meters, is set to redefine Jeddah's cityscape and place it on the global tourism map.

The project aims to turn downtown Jeddah into a popular tourist spot with a budget of $19.9 billion. This is in line with the objectives of Vision 2030, with 36% of the project set to be finished by 2030.

The Stadium

The stadium, with its unique contemporary architecture and international specifications, will be capable of accommodating 45,000 fans. It is designed to be FIFA-compliant and will serve as the venue for significant local and international games. 

The construction contract for the stadium has been awarded to the consortium of "China Railway Construction Corp. LTD Saudi Branch" and "Sama Construction for Contracting."

The Opera House

The Opera House, a beacon of creativity and inspiration, is set to position Jeddah as a cultural hub. Its three major halls, built to international specifications, will host many artistic events. Modern Building Leaders Company has been entrusted with bringing this architectural marvel to life.

The Oceanarium

The Oceanarium, another landmark project undertaken by Modern Building Leaders Company, is envisioned as a window to the wonders of the Red Sea. It is designed to provide an unparalleled experience to visitors while advocating for marine biodiversity protection.

The Jeddah Central Museum

The Jeddah Central Museum aims to transform the seawater desalination plant located in Jeddah Central into a permanent tribute to the city's industrial heritage. 

This museum will serve as more than just a tourist spot; it will be an interactive experience highlighting desalination's history and current state. 

It will also showcase the cultural importance of Jeddah and its future goals of leading the way in industrial progress, sustainability, cultural exchange, and artistic representation. Furthermore, it will pay homage to the city's commercial roots and longstanding ties with the Red Sea.

Infrastructure and Utility Facilities

The essential infrastructure and utility facilities—a critical part of phase one—will be developed by "China Harbor Engineering Arabia LTD." This development aims to breathe new life into downtown Jeddah, preserving its heritage while celebrating its contemporary culture.

JCDC has adhered to very high standards of governance and transparency while awarding construction contracts. All companies involved have proven prior eligibility and experience in implementing projects following international best practices.

The Driving Force, JCDC

Established in 2019, JCDC is the main developer of the Central Jeddah destination. The destination takes advantage of its distinctive geographical location on the banks of the Red Sea.

Additionally, the destination is close to Makkah and Medina, which millions of visitors from around the world visit. JCDC’s Central Jeddah is set to open its doors to visitors by the end of 2027.

JCDC’s Central Jeddah

The Central Jeddah project by JCDC is set to open to the public by the end of 2027. It will consist of various unique architectural structures, including an opera house, sports stadium, oceanarium, and amenities such as a sandy beach, pier, sea promenade, and yacht marina. 

Recently, JCDC was awarded a prestigious 4-star recognition from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), making it the first real estate development company to receive this honor. 

The Jeddah Central project has a grand vision, with luxurious Jeddah hotels offering breathtaking views of the Red Sea. It also boasts diverse Jeddah restaurants, offering a gastronomic journey through both local and international flavors. 

To break it down, the Jeddah project has

  • Four major landmarks (Sports Stadium, Museum, Oceanarium & Opera House)
  • 2,700 hotel rooms
  • 17,000 residential units
  • Over 10 entertainment and tourism projects

Jeddah Central’s Districts

Central District

The Central Jeddah is renowned for its abundant cultural background. Efforts must be made to develop it into a central hub and a sought-after destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. 

This will also establish it as a major entry point to the Red Sea, rejuvenating the cultural, urban, human, and social aspects of Jeddah in a modern way that aligns with the country's progress in various fields.

Marina District

The Marina District of Jeddah is undergoing a major transformation thanks to the efforts of the Jeddah Central Development Company. This development is focused on creating a prominent marina for boats and yachts, serving as the primary gateway to the Red Sea. 

The district will be carefully crafted to provide a luxurious residential marina experience, featuring a variety of themed entertainment, retail, and dining choices.

Waterfront District

The primary goal of the Jeddah Waterfront District is to reestablish the connection between the city and the Red Sea. This will be achieved by providing a 2.1 km public beach that offers a wide range of facilities for a diverse and all-encompassing marine experience. 

Moreover, the district features an opera house and pier, which will cater to visitors seeking exceptional entertainment choices.

Sports Park District

The Sports Pak district encourages residents and tourists to include sports in their daily routines to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. This is achievable by providing various sports amenities, such as a stadium suitable for local and international sporting events.

Wellness District

The King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital is situated in the Wellness district, which will undergo a major transformation into a hub for medical and healthcare services. 

This will include a range of medical clinics and facilities dedicated to research and development. The district will become a central location for education and healthcare.

Cultural and Creativity District

The goal of the Cultural and Creativity District is to transform the desalination plant into a thriving and inspiring center for creativity, with a focus on fostering and supporting art, culture, and innovation. Ensuring sustainability will be a primary concern for all initiatives and businesses.

Economic Impact and Vision 2030

The commencement of the Jeddah Central project aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. It aims to diversify income sources, create job opportunities, and contribute meaningfully to the national economy. 

The project also promises to provide cultural, entertainment, and sports destinations for the residents and visitors of Jeddah.

A Global Tourist Destination

The Jeddah Central project, spearheaded by JCDC, marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia's economic diversification and sustainable development journey. 

By creating world-class landmarks and fostering cultural, entertainment, and sports destinations, the project promises to transform Jeddah into a global tourist destination. 

With contracts worth $3.2 billion already signed, the project is well on its way to becoming a reality, bringing the goals of Vision 2030 within reach.

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