Saudi Arabia has revealed an impressive Summer Tourism Program called "Saudi Summer is Next Door," which offers enticing incentives like visa assistance, major events, complimentary airfare for children, and tax-free shopping. 

Spanning across 7 destinations, including Aseer, Al Baha, Taif, The Red Sea, Jeddah, Riyadh, and AlUla, the program boasts a variety of over 550 tourism options and 150 exclusive deals and packages. 

This initiative will also feature the highly anticipated return of Jeddah Season and the launch of the inaugural Aseer Season, alongside notable events such as the Esports World Cup.

Its ultimate goal is to attract international visitors to discover and relish in the splendor of Saudi Arabia.

The Launch of "Saudi Summer is Next Door"

Ministry of Tourism

The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) has carefully designed the "Saudi Summer is Next Door" program to provide an exceptional summer experience in 2024. 

Ministry of Tourism

Under the leadership of Ahmed Al-Khateeb, Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the STA's Board of Directors, this innovative project aims to enhance the tourism offerings of the Kingdom to new levels. 

The launch event, attended by distinguished guests such as World Tourism Organization Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili and over 250 key public and private partners, presented a transformative vision for Saudi Arabia's tourism industry. 

Al-Khateeb highlighted the impressive progress the Kingdom has made, solidifying its position as a top global destination on the UN World Tourism List and among the G20 countries.

Lineup of Destinations and Experiences

At the heart of the "Saudi Summer is Next Door" program lies a carefully curated selection of 7 captivating destinations, each offering a unique tapestry of experiences for visitors to immerse themselves in:

  • Aseer: Nestled amidst lush landscapes and towering mountains, Aseer promises an escape into nature's embrace. Visitors can revel in the region's temperate climate, exploring its verdant valleys, cascading waterfalls, and ancient villages steeped in rich cultural heritage.

  • Al Baha: Al Baha, a hidden gem in the southwestern region of Saudi Arabia, invites travelers with its serene ambiance and preserved traditions. From exploring ancient fortresses to indulging in authentic local cuisine, this destination offers a window into the Kingdom's storied past. 

  • Taif: Renowned for its pleasant climate and breathtaking natural landscapes, Taif is a true oasis in the heart of the Saudi highlands. Visitors can savor the region's renowned rose water, explore its picturesque rose gardens, and bask in the tranquility of its mountain retreats.
Red Sea Global
  • The Red Sea: Unveiling the pristine beauty of the Red Sea, this destination promises an unforgettable aquatic adventure. From snorkeling and diving amidst vibrant coral reefs to basking on sun-drenched beaches, the Red Sea offers a mesmerizing escape for water enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

  • Jeddah: As the cultural heart of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah captivates visitors with its blend of modernity and rich heritage. From exploring the iconic Jeddah Corniche to delving into the city's vibrant art scene and culinary delights, this destination promises an experience like no other. 

  • Riyadh: The capital city of Riyadh stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia's rapid development and ambition. Visitors can explore the city's iconic landmarks, indulge in world-class shopping and dining experiences, and see firsthand the Kingdom’s drive toward innovation and progress. 

  • AlUla: Steeped in history and archaeological marvels, AlUla invites travelers to embark on a journey through time. This destination connects profoundly with Saudi Arabia's rich cultural legacy, from exploring the renowned Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to marveling at the ancient rock formations and tombs carved into sandstone cliffs.

Captivating Events and Immersive Experiences

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The "Saudi Summer is Next Door" program promises an array of captivating events and immersive experiences tailored to cater to diverse interests and preferences:

The Return of the Jeddah Season

 Jeddah Season

Following its success, the highly anticipated Jeddah Season will triumphantly return, offering a vibrant tapestry of cultural experiences, thrilling performances, and captivating exhibitions for visitors to explore.

The First Aseer Season

Aseer Season

For the first time, the "Saudi Summer is Next Door" program will unveil the inaugural Aseer Season, celebrating the region's rich heritage, natural beauty, and unique traditions. Visitors can expect a diverse array of family-friendly activities and events that showcase the best of this enchanting destination.

The Esports World Cup

Esports World Cup Foundation

Riyadh will host the inaugural Esports World Cup, an eight-week extravaganza that will bring together the world's most elite Esports athletes. This event promises to captivate gaming enthusiasts from around the globe, offering an unparalleled opportunity to witness the pinnacle of competitive gaming.

Boxing Tournaments

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For those seeking adrenaline-fueled thrills, the "Saudi Summer is Next Door" program will feature multiple boxing tournaments in Riyadh and Jeddah, such as the 5 vs 5 Riyadh Season Bout and the inaugural UFC Event, catering to sports fans and boxing lovers.

These events will showcase the skill and prowess of renowned fighters, providing sports enthusiasts with an unforgettable experience.

Streamlining the Visitor Experience

Fauchon Hospitality

To streamline the visitor experience and facilitate seamless travel, Saudi Arabia has implemented a series of initiatives to enhance accessibility and convenience with eVisa Availability. 

Citizens of 66 countries can now apply for an eVisa, simplifying the visa application process and making it more convenient for international visitors to explore the Kingdom.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has reduced the total price of the eVisa by 20%, further incentivizing travelers to embark on their Saudi adventures.

Provisioning GCC Residents


To acknowledge the significance of regional tourism, Saudi Arabia has implemented the GCC residents visa, which permits multiple entries and a maximum stay of 90 days within 12 months. 

The objective of this program is to strengthen relationships with neighboring nations and motivate travelers from the region to discover the various attractions of the Kingdom.

Expanding Accommodations Needs

Rua Al Madinah

To meet the increasing demand for accommodation, Saudi Arabia is set to add 25,000 hotel rooms this year, with 320,000 new hotel rooms by 2030, ensuring that visitors have ample choices and comfort during their stay.

Saudi’s Transformative Era in Tourism

As Saudi Arabia continues to make strides in positioning itself as a premier global destination, the “Summer is Next Door" program is a testament to its unwavering commitment to showcasing its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and unparalleled hospitality. 

With a diverse array of destinations, captivating events, and immersive experiences, coupled with streamlined visitor services, Saudi Arabia is poised to captivate the worlds of travelers worldwide

More Planned Entertainment Projects in Saudi Arabia



Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) has revealed its plans to build AQUARABIA, which will be the largest water park in the Middle East, as part of the Qiddiya City development in Saudi Arabia. 

This highly anticipated attraction will feature 22 unique rides and elements, including 5 world-record-breaking rides, including the first dual water loop, the tallest Junoon Drop water coaster, and 8 distinct themed areas like Camel Rock and The Den. 

Aquarabia is set to open in 2025 alongside the Six Flags Qiddiya theme park, with the aim of drawing international visitors to the Kingdom through unparalleled entertainment and groundbreaking attractions.

The Qiddiya City Project


Qiddiya City has been awarded contracts worth over $2.6 billion for its development. Qiddiya City project aims to establish a Global Entertainment and Sports Hub in Saudi Arabia. 

Situated on the outskirts of Riyadh, Qiddiya City is anticipated to comprise 60,000 structures, such as golf courses, stadiums, and the Six Flags Qiddiya Theme Park. 

Its objective is to draw 40 million tourists annually and contribute $36 billion to the country's GDP. The city aims to attract approximately 48 million visitors annually, with a dedicated gaming and e-sports district that will serve as a major global competition hub.

Dragon Balls Theme Park


Saudi Arabia has announced plans to construct a groundbreaking Dragon Balls Themed Park in the Qiddiya Entertainment City. 

The park, spanning 500,000 square meters, will feature seven distinct zones and an array of 30 themed attractions, including a towering 70-meter dragon roller coaster as its main focal point. 

Guests can also anticipate Dragon Ball-inspired hotels and restaurants, paying homage to the beloved Japanese anime franchise. 

This project, situated only 40 km from Riyadh, is a key component of the overall development at Qiddiya City, with the goal of establishing Saudi Arabia as a premier international hub for entertainment.

Qiddiya Speed Park Track


The Qiddiyah Investment Company has recently announced the addition of a new attraction, the Speed Park Track, to their upcoming project, Qiddiya City. 

This new venue is set to become the main hub for Motorsport in Saudi Arabia and a renowned destination for Motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. 

The design of the racetrack has been collaborated on by professional race drivers, with the expertise of former Austrian Formula One driver Alex Wurz. 

The track will consist of 21 turns and boasts an incredible elevation of 108 meters per lap, taking advantage of Qiddiya's scenic mountain terrain. 

In addition to this, drivers will also have the opportunity to race alongside the tallest rollercoaster in the world at the neighboring Six Flags Qiddiya City, as well as a water theme park.



Saudi Arabia has announced the establishment of THE RIG, a revolutionary amusement park inspired by oil rigs. 

The park will be situated 40 kilometers away from the eastern shoreline of Saudi Arabia. 

Taking inspiration from the nation's abundant oil and gas history, the theme park is set to include 3 hotels, 11 restaurants, helipads, a diving center, and an extreme sports adventure park. 

The Oil Park Development Company is leading the development of this project, which is being financed by the Public Development Fund with an estimated cost of $5 billion.

Seven’s Entertainment Destination

Rua Al Madinah

Saudi Entertainment Ventures Seven announced its plans to construct an entertainment complex in Al Madinah worth 1.3 Billion Riyals. 

This upcoming development aims to be a center for enjoyment, excitement, and high-quality attractions to improve the quality of life for the residents. 

The project will span over 100,000 square meters, with a built-up area of 84,000 square meters. The park will also include picturesque walkways that seamlessly connect with the planned open paths and gardens within the destination.

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