The luxurious Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, has recently opened on the Saudi Red Sea and is now the most expensive hotel in the Middle East. 

This exquisite shell shaped resort designed by Foster + Partners has a starting price per night of $2,640. 

With room rates more than double that of Dubai's seven star Burj Al Arab Hotel, Nujuma is in a league of its own. 

It is one of only seven Ritz-Carlton reserves worldwide, providing an ultra luxurious private resort experience. 

Nujuma can be accessed through a chartered boat or seaplane with the newly opened Red Sea International Airport.

Middle East’s Most Expensive Hotel

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Located in the charming archipelago of The Red Sea, Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, has established itself as a new definition of luxury. Nujuma, which is inspired from the Arabic word for 'stars', encourages travelers to embark on a voyage to one of the most secluded and safeguarded archipelagos in the world.

As one of the seven exclusive Ritz-Carlton Reserves globally, Nujuma guarantees an unmatched experience that surpasses the traditional standards of luxury hospitality. 

The starting nightly rates for this magnificent retreat begin at $2,640, making it the most expensive hotel in the region, even overtaking Dubai's renowned Burj Al Arab. 

This remote island sanctuary, accessible only by chartered boat or seaplane, beckons discerning travelers to embark on an unparalleled journey into one of the world's most unspoiled and safeguarded natural sanctuaries.

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Tony Coveney, General Manager of Nujuma, says, 

"Nujuma is unlike any other property in the region, a pinnacle of luxury with discovery and sustainability at its core, offering guests a transformative journey into the extraordinary set within the picture-perfect backdrop of Ummahat Island's natural beauty."

Discover what Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve offers that justifies its price:

Nujuma’s Breathtaking Location

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Located on Ummahat Island, within the beautiful Blue Hole islands, Nujuma welcomes visitors to discover the area's beauty. Beneath the ocean's surface lies thriving coral reefs, while the twinkling stars create a never-ending tapestry above. 

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The Ummahat island in the Red Sea boasts a stunning landscape of glistening waters and pure white sands. Promising an unforgettable and transformative experience, the resort offers a perfect balance of seclusion and sophistication.

Nujuma’s Overwater Villas

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Designed by the visionary architects at Foster + Partners, Nujuma's sweeping, shell-inspired architecture seamlessly blends with the surrounding seascapes. 

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The resort's 63 overwater villas are a testament to the fusion of modern luxury and traditional Saudi Arabian design elements. Each villa and 18 Ritz-Carlton Reserve-branded residences feature panoramic windows that frame breathtaking views, expansive living areas, and private infinity pools. 

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Interiors adorned with locally sourced art, woven rugs, and intricate wall hangings celebrate the region's rich cultural heritage, while telescopes on every deck invite guests to marvel at the mesmerizing celestial tapestry above.

Every villa is accompanied by a designated personal host, whose main responsibility is to cater to every aspect and lead visitors through the numerous enriching opportunities available at this location.

Culinary Experience at Nujuma

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Nujuma's culinary philosophy pays homage to the Arabian tradition of gathering over shared stories, poetry, and enlightening discourse. Four distinct dining venues offer a modern interpretation of regional flavors, each curated to transport guests on a sensory journey.

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At Tabrah, a contemporary take on a fisherman's home, seafood specialties are celebrated, including the "Luckiest Catch" – a communal feast showcasing the daily bounty of the sea. 

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Jamaa, an alfresco oasis, serves light fare prepared over a wood-fire grill. At the same time, Maia invites guests to indulge in astrology-inspired mocktails crafted by expert mixologists as the sun dips below the horizon.

Sita is a large patisserie with a French influence and a Levantine eatery situated within three pavilions made of woven wood, paying homage to the customary practice of weaving leaves. 

Upon arrival, visitors are welcomed by the scent of just-baked bread emanating from a classic clay oven, served alongside homemade hummus and flavorful dishes prepared using the resort's extensive collection of spices.

Neyrah Spa at Nujuma

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Nujuma's Neyrah Spa is a tranquil oasis dedicated to holistic wellness, offering a sanctuary for rejuvenation and transformation. Here, guests can embark on bespoke journeys tailored to rebalance and revitalize, guided by expert practitioners who draw upon centuries-old regional traditions.

From breathwork and meditation to lunar yoga and sound healing therapies, each experience is designed to awaken the senses and forge a deeper connection with the self and the surrounding natural wonders. 

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The spa's serene indoor and outdoor spaces, including sea-facing treatment rooms and outdoor cabins, provide the perfect setting for this transformative journey.

Nujuma's Conservation House

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At the heart of Nujuma lies a profound commitment to environmental stewardship and cultural enrichment. The resort's Conservation House is a hub for hands-on activities and educational experiences led by resident experts in sustainability, environmental conservation, and Saudi Arabian heritage.

Guests can gain invaluable insights into the region's indigenous flora and fauna, learn about the ancient traditions that have shaped this land, and discover ways to preserve its natural beauty for generations. 

From guided trails across majestic desert dunes to snorkeling and scuba diving adventures amidst vibrant coral reefs, every encounter at Nujuma promises a deeper connection to the destination.

Nujuma’s Galaxea Diving Center

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Galaxea Diving Center, located within the resort, is a retreat for those who love the water, allowing them to discover the Red Sea's lively marine environments. 

Various activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and windsurfing are available for guests to delve into the beauty of this ecological gem and simultaneously support its protection.

Saudi Arabia: A Leading Tourism Destination

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The unveiling of Nujuma is a major achievement for Saudi Arabia in its ambitious goal to establish the country as a top destination for luxury tourism.

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Nujuma, as part of the Red Sea Project, is leading the way in promoting sustainable development and demonstrating the positive impact of responsible tourism on communities, economies, and the environment. 

The Red Sea Project plans to open 13 more high-end resorts by 2025, with three already in operation, such as the Six Senses Southern Dunes and St. Regis Red Sea Resort, which is expected to revolutionize the luxury hospitality industry in the Middle East.

Reshaping Hospitality Landscape

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As the focus shifts towards Saudi Arabia's tourism ventures, Nujuma exemplifies advancement and development, highlighting the country's capability to curate exceptional encounters that seamlessly incorporate opulence, eco-friendliness, and cultural conservation. 

With its unmatched amenities, Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, is poised to revolutionize the high-end hospitality industry in the Middle East, establishing a fresh benchmark for sophisticated travelers searching for life-changing moments that surpass the limitations of conventional luxury.

Other Already Open Resorts on the Red Sea

Six Senses Southern Dunes

Six Senses

The first hotel in the Red Sea Project to officially open its doors with a special opening deal was Six Sense Southern Dunes, The Red Sea. With the majestic Arabian Desert and Hijaz Mountains as its background, this gorgeous resort has 36 hotel rooms and 40 pool villas. 

Red Sea Global

The resort blends tradition, sustainability, and imaginative tourism. Nestled in a Red Sea destination, this resort is a monument to creativity, exploration, and a rich cultural history.

St. Regis Red Sea Resort

Marriott International

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort, Marriott Bonvoy's flagship property, has officially opened, ushering in a new era of luxury travel. This first-of-its-kind private island resort in the Saudi Red Sea promises a unique high-end experience.

Reachable by seaplane or chartered boat, this resort is situated on Ummahat Island in the Al Wajh Lagoon. It has ninety large over-the-water villas along the coastline, all with their own pools and amenities, including a five-star dining villa and a distinctive spa.

Future Developments on the Red Sea

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Following the opening of The Najuma, a Ritz Carlton Reserve, and St. Regis Red Sea Resort, other luxury resorts are set to open in the Red Sea, like Four Seasons Resort Red Sea on the Shura Islands, Sheybarah Island Resort, and many others. 

You can see a full list of the new Red Sea Hotels due to open here.

Four Seasons Resort Red Sea

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Red Sea Global, collaborating with Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), has embarked on an extraordinary joint venture, investing $533 million to develop the Four Seasons Resort Red Sea on the stunning Shura Island. This project is set to become a highly coveted luxury resort.

Red Sea Global

The resort boasts 149 rooms, suites, and 31 residential properties. It features six distinct dining and lounge areas, spaces for meetings and events, a center dedicated to marine discovery, and an interactive Kids For All Seasons area.

Sheybarah Resort

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Red Sea Global has revealed progress on the Sheybarah Resort, an opulent 73-room resort envisioned by Killa Design Architects from Dubai, boasting breathtaking overwater villas on Sheybarah Island. 

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Situated just a 45-minute boat journey from the mainland, the resort's architectural concept centers around creating captivating tourist experiences within a rich ecosystem, including mangroves, desert plants, and coral reefs.

Desert Rock Resort

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Nestled in a secluded valley, Desert Rock Resort allows guests to connect with nature while enjoying various luxurious services. The Red Sea Global’s Desert Rock Resort is over 50% complete. 

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The resort, which includes 60 ultra-luxurious keys, is delicately sculpted within the rugged stones of The Red Sea. Desert Rock is set to provide a variety of plush lodgings, comprising 48 villas and 12 hotel rooms, each offering unspoiled vistas of the neighboring desert.

This initiative aims to establish an exceptional luxury destination while safeguarding the area's cultural heritage. The project actively engages community members as land caretakers and offers educational tours to benefit visitors.

The developments will redefine luxury hospitality standards and contribute to Saudi Arabia's vision of becoming a leading global tourism destination.

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