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Хилтон Рияд Отель & Резиденции
Очень хороший ( 11 Отзывы )
из SAR 1049 за ночь
Shangri-La Jeddah Hotel
Отлично ( 8 Отзывы )
из SAR 1499 за ночь
Raffles Makkah Palace
Очень хороший ( 14 Отзывы )
из SAR 1619 за ночь
Dar Al Taqwa Hotel
Очень хороший ( 4 Отзывы )
из SAR 4338 за ночь

Лучшие рестораны

4.8 Очень хороший ( 6 Отзывы )
4.5 Очень хороший ( 6 Отзывы )
4.7 Очень хороший ( 20 Отзывы )
Davanti Lounge - Медина
Очень хороший ( 5 Отзывы )
4.2 Очень хороший ( 5 Отзывы )

Последние отзывы

Отлично (16 Отзывы)
Tahir Khan

While I am living in Al-Malaz, I was use to go there, this was my kids favorite place to visit. Now Riyadh Zoo got a new look of Riyadh Season, which makes it more beautiful than ever.

Бедные (8 Отзывы)
Najat Aghdoui

I went there the first time. Had to wait a half hour just to order coffee. Ppl coming later than me were helped first even after I complained twice! Today I thought I ll try again. This time I wanted to order dinner for three. Left because exact the same scenario. The most horrible service I ever encountered! Never going there again.

Без рейтинга (9 Отзывы)
Benjie Yanga

I was enthusiastic to visit due to hype and endorsement to me by some of my few friends...to go and try HUQQA! However my excitement end up with DISSAPOINTMENTS, why because I was not allowed to get in along with my friends due to wearing sleepers...not to mention I'm wearing Yeezy Slide by the way it is not ordinary sleepers...anyhow it is not the type of sleepers or the value of it, it is the feeling of discrimination towards to me and my friends. Look around the people in the vicinity impact 70 to 80 % Saudis are wearing sleepers are they are not allowed too to enter. Thanks but no Thanks...😡

Отлично (25 Отзывы)
Shashidhar Shetty

It's an amazing experience, very satisfied with food quality and service.

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