La Rustica Pizzeria - Riyadh - لاروستيكا بيتزارايا

لاروستيكا بيتزارايا-LA RUSTICA Pizzeria, unit: 66 postal code : 7720، Wadi Al Artawi Street, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
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La Rustica Pizzeria is the first-ever Italian restaurant that serves authentic Napoletana pizza. It offers a family-friendly and traditional Italian style in terms of food and service. La Pizzeria is currently the number one in pizza in all of Riyadh. The restaurant has a beautiful rustic interior with wooden furniture that makes you feel like you are in Italy.

It has indoor and outdoor seating that overlooks the famous Narcissus Hotel. Their menu offers a wide variety of wood fire pizzas such as bianca, burrata, and rucola pizza. They also serve mouthwatering pasta, salads, and appetizers. La Rustica also has the most delicious Italian desserts such as creme brulee and tiramisu. Not to forget their refreshing drinks like the minted lemonade smoothie and the blue and strawberry mojitos. This outstanding restaurant is located in a busy restaurant area in Olaya, Riyadh. 



لاروستيكا بيتزارايا-LA RUSTICA Pizzeria, unit: 66 postal code : 7720، Wadi Al Artawi Street, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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Uta Eichel

Uta Eichel

06/25/2022 14:12

Google review

We went to this restaurant as a mixed family and were told at the door that it was completely full, but there were several empty tables. When we asked if they were sure, the manager confirmed that all tables were reserved. We then verified online that this was not the case; the restaurant was accepting new reservations throughout the evening. We even made a mock reservation, which I promptly cancelled. A truly terrible attitude. Unfriendly and biased against mixed-race families. Regardless, if you can relate to what I just explained, avoid this location.
Sharifa Alghafees

Sharifa Alghafees

06/06/2022 08:32

Google review

Update: This is my second visit after like 7 years. Still serving the same delicious pizza and they're still serving with joy .. highly recommend ⭐. The best pizza place in Riyadh. Cozy neat restaurant. Wonderful staff, and above all very delicious pizza 💜😋
Ella Nora

Ella Nora

05/11/2022 12:11

Google review

We came to this eatery expressly because it offered gluten-free alternatives as said by the manager Marck. They only had two salad dressings when they arrived, so they had to make do with what they had. Gluten-free spaghetti were not available. there was no gluten-free sauce available. I'm not sure how that works. On the menu were gluten-free pasta, but when we inquired for one, they told they didn't offer any. This, I believe, was not the restaurant's fault, but rather the fault of uncaring personnel. Because your staff represent your firm, you receive one star.
Tyson Adamns

Tyson Adamns 4 reviews

04/08/2022 23:31

What about the staff?

The personnel is clueless when it comes to customer service; they are impolite and serve at a snail's pace. Please pay close attention to the personal information.
James M. Forty

James M. Forty 1 reviews

04/05/2022 05:07

My Experience

The food was good, but it was raw, and I wished for a different experience.
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