Mado -La Mecque - مادو

turc, Moyen-Orient
Mado, Ibrahim Al Khalil, Ash Shubaikah, La Mecque 24231 24231،, Arabie saoudite
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Le restaurant Mado est célèbre pour sa cuisine et ses desserts turcs. Le restaurant est bien connu, son emplacement à Jabal Omar, Hyatt Regency. La nourriture était délicieuse. Ils servent (entrées froides, sandwichs et toasts, salades, petit-déjeuner turc, hamburgers, pizza), etc. Ils ont des desserts comme un dessert au lait, du kunafa, une assiette de desserts mixtes, des glaces et de nombreux desserts à manger. Le mode de présentation est très particulier. Le décor est beau et élégant. L'ambiance est cosy et calme. Le coin salon est confortable et agréable.

Mado est situé à Ibrahim Al Khalil, Ash Shubaikah, Jabal Omar au rez-de-chaussée de La Mecque


Mado, Ibrahim Al Khalil, Ash Shubaikah, La Mecque 24231 24231،, Arabie saoudite

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Très bien
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seydi Ahmet Göksu 1 reviews

02/03/2024 18:27

Sehr teuer

Ich habe inder Türkei gerne bei Modo gegessen. Deswegen wolte ich in Mekka auch bei Maddo Essen. Wo ich und auch paar Leute preise geschaut haben sofort wo Anders gegangen. Wie kann mann so preise hoch halten. Das ist wirklich Haram. Mit diesem Preise wo anders kann mann besser Essen.

Majid Maskari 1 reviews

01/26/2024 18:20

Overall the food tasted nice and the price was decent I guess . But the kunafa it’s extremely overpriced. I recommend who ever would like to order the kunfaa must ask for the price and the size first. not worth it .
Razeen Muhammad

Razeen Muhammad

01/13/2024 15:34

Avis Google

Think twice before spending your money here. I’ve been to many Mado restaurants in Dubai and Istanbul, and this is the worst. Firstly, my ice cream was served with a piece of plastic inside. Secondly, our ice cream were served in different ways even though we ordered the same ice cream cones. When I asked them why they served it differently, all they said was “same same” and forced us to accept it and refused to change it. See my picture (one ice cream was served properly in a cone, and the other was served in a plate with the cone on top of it making it difficult to eat.) Thirdly, they charged us for additional items which we did not order. When we flagged this error out to the waiters, they were hesitant to revise the bill and seemed like they did not believe us despite us showing them evidence that we did not receive the items that they had billed us. Fourthly, they made us wait at least 15 minutes just to get the bill revised. And they gave an excuse saying “it’s difficult to change the bill in the system”. Fifthly, very rude staff who can only give excuses without actually caring for their customers. Avoid coming here and spend your money elsewhere. You should send your waiters for some service training.
Alaa Abdulghani

Alaa Abdulghani

12/09/2023 11:20

Avis Google

The food is amazing! The place is a little expensive but the food quality and cleanliness is superior. The waiter was very nice and professional. When we asked him to bag the food to go he boxes each item separately not like other places in mecca they dumb it all on top of each other. I highly recommend this place for a nice dinner.


11/15/2023 20:40

Avis Google

I recently dined at Mado, a Turkish restaurant located inside the Mecca Clock Tower mall. The culinary experience was delightful, with a diverse and delicious menu. The portions were generous, and the standout desserts, especially the Kinda and Baklava with ice cream, were a sweet finale to the meal. The unique flavors and inviting ambiance make Mado a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Turkish dining experience.
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