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Novotel Jazan
Excellent (8 Avis)
de 319﷼ par nuit
Palais de Riyad Crowne Plaza
Excellent (23 Avis)
de 522﷼ par nuit
Crowne Plaza Riyad RDC Hotel & Convention Center
Excellent (15 Avis)
de 754﷼ par nuit
Cour Jazan
Excellent (13 Avis)
de 480﷼ par nuit

Dernières critiques

Excellent (6 Avis)
Business Traveler

The water from this well is so sweet to drink. You can still taste the sweetness today after The Blessed Messenger of God placed his Blessed saliva in the water 1400 years ago. It is nice to see a mosque being constructed nearby. This should help visitors as the site would benefit from being taken care of and further development.

Excellent (12 Avis)
Janey Muir-smith

Found this close to where we were staying. Absolutely excellent felt like we were back in Melbourne Australia great selection beautifully presented food top notch staff and incredibly clean and above all fantastic coffee Definitely recommend this place to any visitors to Damam

Excellent (11 Avis)
fahim abullais


Excellent (11 Avis)
Hikmet Oz

I will come again again 😊😊😊

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