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Sapgo par Wolfgang Puck - Via Riyad
International, californien
Très bien ( 19 Avis )
4.4 Très bien ( 19 Avis )
Restaurant chinois Yauatcha - Riyad
Très bien ( 40 Avis )
4.5 Très bien ( 40 Avis )
Sushiah - Djeddah
Très bien ( 10 Avis )
4.8 Très bien ( 10 Avis )
Restaurant et café Memaz - Médine
libanais, méditerranéen, Moyen-Orient
Très bien ( 21 Avis )
4.9 Très bien ( 21 Avis )

Dernières critiques

Bon (41 Avis)
Abel Elharchaoui

Je suis malade impossible de trouver une infirmerie

Excellent (7 Avis)
Alex Decor

Food is really good and delicious. Specially desserts & staff is really great and helpful.

Excellent (6 Avis)

Best pizza in Saudi Arabia

Pauvres (35 Avis)
Mohd Amir

Save yourself the frustration and avoid wasting your precious time and hard-earned money on the buffet at this restaurant. Believe me, the food was beyond terrible - it was a complete disaster! Since I left my hometown and settled in Delhi, the capital of India, finding good food has been a challenge. We've had to rely on outside food or the cooking skills of a maid. While the maid's cooking was average and lacked flavor, it never made us feel as repulsed as we were after dining at this restaurant. Determined to stay positive, my friends and I made a pact to never complain about food. We firmly believed that food could only be classified as good, better, or the best. The concept of bad food simply didn't exist in our vocabulary. But alas, today's buffet experience shattered our resolve. Let me tell you, without exaggeration, the food was absolutely abysmal! The biryani emitted a nauseating stench comparable to dung. The plain veg rice was spoiled, leaving us no choice but to immediately spit it out after a single spoonful. The so-called kebabs were an insult to their very name, bearing no resemblance to the delectable delights they should have been. The only mediocre saving grace was the chicken tikka, which we managed to consume reluctantly. As for the chowmein, it had a repulsive smell and lacked any semblance of variety or flavor. To put it bluntly, I implore you to steer clear of the buffet at this restaurant. It was an utterly regrettable and underwhelming dining experience. Don't fall for the trap of trendy influencers' videos. Spare yourself the disappointment and seek out better dining options elsewhere. May Alimghty forgive me but it's become necessary after today's experience to alert others.

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