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Often referred to as Saudi’s capital of culture, Riyadh showcases the KSA’s beauty and wonder. Learn more about Riyadh’s history, culture and cuisine.

The Riyadh Province

Riyadh Province is located at the very center of Saudi Arabia. It comes second only to the Makkah province in terms of population. The province takes its name from Riyadh city, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is a rapidly growing city with incredible urban developments underway. Being both a cosmopolitan and metropolitan city, it attracts numerous global tourists. A large number of people in the city are situated around the 4000 mosques and shopping centers that are spread across the city.

The city is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers such as the Faisaliya Tower and the Kingdom Center. These buildings have placed Riyadh on the map internationally for its unique, incredible, and award-winning architectural designs. It also has spectacular sand deserts with high dunes, striking hiking locations, awesome green valleys, forts, escarpments, castles, and several rock arts in Wadis. These natural wonders attract countless tourists.



Riyadh grew from a small village back in the seventeenth century to the contemporary metropolitan city with millions of dwellers that it is today. The city was established in the Yamamah regions along with the old Hajr city ruins. Hajr at the time was the heart of the caravan trade route of the Arabian Peninsula. Neighboring the region were valleys, palm groves, wells, and green surroundings which enhanced water availability and land fertility. Consequently, people began to farm a variety of crops. These resources and activities spearheaded the establishment and growth of Riyadh.



The landscape consists of mostly rocky plateaus. This Najd (highland) region lies in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. Its stretch of rocky plateau forms a chain of escarpments stretching from north to south. These escarpments include; Jilh Al-Ishar, Al-Khuff, and the 1300 km long stretch of the Tuwayq mountains. In Riyadh province, Jebel Fihrayn offers an extraordinary, uninterrupted view of the horizon. For this reason, it is also referred to as the Edge of the World.


Cultural Life

In 2000, UNESCO chose Riyadh as the Arab world’s heritage capital. Life in Riyadh is mostly concentrated around its mosques and shopping centers. The souks attract a huge number of people and offer a true glimpse of the hustle and bustle of the cities of Riyad province.  


The King Abdulaziz Historical Center (National Museum) showcases cultural works such as documents of the past. Al-Jinadiriyyah is a festival that is held in February, every year in Riyadh and is considered one of the largest cultural heritage events of its kind in the Arab world. The festival is meant to showcase the rich heritage and culture of present and past Saudi Arabia. During the event, they offer heritage shows, shopping, exhibitions, and camel races that often attract a large group of participants and visitors globally.


Popular Attractions

Some of the most prominent tourist attractions include the Riyadh National Zoo which is located in the heart of Malaz in Riyadh. It is home to over 1500 animals in over 40 species including endangered species. The Zoo is a fun place to be around. The zoo also provides entertainment points for kids. Also within the zoo, you can easily access restaurants, cafes, toilets, and even prayer halls.


Ushaiqer Heritage Village allows you to experience the life of an old desert settlement. It is situated just a few hours drive from Riyadh city. It is a must visit spot for tourists seeking a glimpse of the slow-paced life of the past. The locals are extremely welcoming and friendly and will ensure that you have a great time there. 


Another fun activity that this region offers is Fossil Hunting. Some of the fossils date over twenty million years old. It is believed that these fossils were discovered along the escarpments of the Tuwaiq Mountains. Musayqirah Petroglyphs is another attraction site situated close to 110 kilometers drive from the city. Petroglyphs are prehistoric rock arts that provide interesting information regarding the lives of the people of that time.


You should also visit the Heet Cave and the 'Edge of the world'. Saudi Arabia is a country blessed with some of the rarest wild caves. The Heet Cave has an underground lake in its bottom chambers. About 96 km northwest of Riyadh also lies the 'Edge of the world'. The beautiful sceneries of the cliffs and plains of this area are meant to be seen and experienced first hand. 


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