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The Blessed Makkah City

The Holy City of Makkah needs no introduction. It is the holiest city for Muslims and believers from all over the world regularly visit the city to perform pilgrimage and visit the holy sites. The most prominent landmark on earth - The Holy Ka’bah is located in Makkah. It serves as the religious center for Muslims and they pray five times a day by facing the direction of the Ka’bah.

The Cradle of Humanity

Home to the Holiest City for Muslims, the Makkah province is the most populous province of Saudi Arabia. Majority of its population is concentrated in the three cities of Makkah, Jeddah, and Ta’if. It is situated in the Hejaz region and shares a generous coastline with the Red Sea. 


Makkah is no doubt the top destination for religious tourism. Approximately 13 million Muslims from all over the world visit Makkah annually. The main port city of Jeddah is also part of the Makkah province. Jeddah also happens to be the largest city in Saudi Arabia and boasts some stunning architecture. Visitors can enjoy the cool breeze of the Red Sea in Jeddah.


Talk about the Makkah province is incomplete without mentioning the famed city of Roses - Ta’if. Perched between mountains, the view of the city can be enjoyed from the Taif Cable Cars (Telefric Al Hada). The geographical wonder, Al Wahbah Crater is also situated near the city of Ta’if.



The history of Makkah province dates back centuries. The Prophet Ibrahim build the Holy Ka’bah as the house of Allah. Even in pre-Islamic times, it used to be a main pilgrimage site and location of high significance.

Being situated on ancient caravan trade routes, the Makkah oasis provided much needed respite from the blistering desert heat. It also remained a major hub of commerce and trade throughout history. 


The Makkah province and particularly the city of Makkah gained utmost significance as the birthplace of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). There are numerous holy sites scattered throughout the Makkah province. Museums like the Matbouli House Museum in Jeddah are among the favorite destinations for tourists.



Makkah Province is located on the Western coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Due to its proximity to the sea and pristine beaches, it is popular for beach tourism. The province contains ten mountain peaks that rise above the 2500 meter mark. 


The cities of Taif and Al Shaafa are situated at around 2000 meters above sea level. Due to their relatively cooler climate, they offer a great summer retreat for domestic as well as international tourists. 


Cultural Life

The province of Makkah is a perfect blend of rich, centuries-old culture and traditions along with modern architecture and a lively way of life. You can find old souks as well as skyscrapers that are reaching for the clouds. 


Visitors seeking old architecture will thoroughly enjoy visiting Old Jeddah, Al Balad. You can get a great feeling of traveling back in time by strolling through the narrow alleyways and soaking in the magnificently colored Mashrabiat and Rawashaan. UNESCO added the historical Al Balad district to the list of World Heritage sites.


Popular Attractions

There is no shortage of popular attractions in Makkah province. Some of the major sites in Makkah city include the Makkah Museum, Masjid Al Jinn, Al Masjid Al Haram, Jannat al-Mu'alla Cemetry, Mount Arafat, Mina Tented City, Jamarat Bridge, Abraj Al Bait Towers, and Jabal Al Nour.


In Jeddah city, the Jeddah Waterfront offers a great picnic spot where visitors can relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Red Sea. One of the geographical jewels of Makkah province is the mighty Wahbah Crater. This 4 Kilometer wide crater offers an otherworldly experience. You can navigate around its border or even trek down to its center and witness the magical crystal lake at the very center. Al Wahbah crater is a must-visit location for all travel enthusiasts.


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