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Hilton Riyadh Hotel und Residenzen
Gut ( 13 Bewertungen )
von SAR 999 pro Nacht
Das Ritz-Carlton Jeddah Hotel
Sehr gut ( 16 Bewertungen )
von SAR 2148 pro Nacht
Swissotel Mekka
Sehr gut ( 16 Bewertungen )
von SAR 568 pro Nacht
Dar Al Taqwa Hotel
Sehr gut ( 4 Bewertungen )
von SAR 799 pro Nacht

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4.5 Sehr gut ( 23 Bewertungen )
4.6 Sehr gut ( 9 Bewertungen )
5.0 Ausgezeichnet ( 5 Bewertungen )
4.0 Sehr gut ( 6 Bewertungen )

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Gofran Kurdi

I’ve been coming to this branch consistently ever since I moved across the building. Not only that, but I’ve been hosting my work meetings there, inviting friends and promoting in on my social media accounts. Not even that, but I’ve even learned the names of, and made friends with so many of the lovely staff like Rehaaf and Faisal. Until yesterday. It pained my heart that yesterday, my friend and I were rudely told off by an employee named Laila, because she said she’d “received a phone call complaining that we brought our own water and food and aren’t paying for anything”. Yes, it’s true. I had brought my own shake because I have many severe dietary restrictions and your cafe doesn’t serve anything that caters to that, so I brought my shake for home, and yes we brought our own big water bottles cuz we hydrate a lot. I totally respect the “policy” as a money making place. But as a “neighborhood cafe”, I feel like this branch just proved that it cares nothing about their neighbors. We were publicly, and shamefully asked to leave, even though the place was almost empty. This was completely uncalled for, and in my opinion, goes against your brand values as a “neighborhood cafe”. Because as your neighbor, I feel humiliated and hurt & can safely say I won’t be going there ever again.

Ausgezeichnet (6 Bewertungen)
Pierre Ashba

I had a great experience there. The place in beautiful, well decorated, nice view. The service was impeccable. And the food was delicious. It's Saudi cuisine with a modern touch. Great place to have dinner

Ausgezeichnet (20 Bewertungen)
Jaclyn Nadonga

We were fortunate to have a delightful dinner at Da Bao restaurant. What a pleasant ambiance designed with the modern interiors.. The food is phenomenal. We enjoyed eating "chicken bao perfect with Shirley temple drinks" I will surely recommend this place to my friends outhere😊 I suggest to you guys to try the yummiest and crunchiest dynamite shrimp.👍👍 Lastly, I'd like to commend Sir Mike and Mr. Sibana for providing an exceptional customer service. Everything was perfect. Thank you and God bless 🙏

Ausgezeichnet (22 Bewertungen)
Ahmad ذكر

مطعم يستحق تميز أفضل الخدمات وسريع اداء وأسعار منتازه مكان جميل نظافة اداء جميل الاإداره منتازه أنصح الجميع 🫶 تناول طعام أسماك فرش

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