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Top Hotels

Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah
Very Good ( 7 Reviews )
from SAR 768 per night
Madinah Hilton
Very Good ( 2 Reviews )
from SAR 649 per night
Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre
Very Good ( 4 Reviews )
from SAR 2236 per night
Waldorf Astoria Jeddah - Qasr Al Sharq
Very Good ( 1 Review )
from SAR 2487 per night

Top Restaurants

4.9 Very Good ( 37 Reviews )
4.6 Very Good ( 10 Reviews )
3.8 Good ( 14 Reviews )
4.5 Very Good ( 11 Reviews )

Latest reviews

Excellent (19 Reviews)
Waseem Murade

One of the finest chinese restaurant in jeddah town at Salama street..with perfect ambience.. Everything ordered was perfect for tongue with right amount of spices and ingredients used to blend it perfect. A must try restaurant with reasonable prices. Adding glimpses of ordered lunch. And not to miss the hospitality with pleasant smile and advising perfect menu as per our taste.

Excellent (9 Reviews)
maya halladja

service was quick and the recommendations were spot on. Double deer with chili and angus with black pepper were amazing as recommended by the employees. Thank you Mohammed and Abdullah for accommodating our needs and for the excellent experience:)

Excellent (7 Reviews)
Abdulkarim Alamry

This is the best cafe in Batha Quraysh. You will enjoy your experience in this place: amazing food, well-crafted drinks, original coffee beans, good assortment of sweets.

Poor (12 Reviews)
Ghassan D

The idea is brilliant, First, there is a lot of stuff could be done reverse, the glasses of the drink instead of regular drive thru plastic, could be reversed stale glass, the food dishes could be reversed and the chairs as well. Second, the staff not enough and their respond not justified too. “No enough of sloppy glasses because it’s expensive 😳” Third, the food presentation and taste was horrible “cold, dry, and not look as new” Fourth, the service slow comparing to the number of customers; if there IS ANY” Overall, very bad experience and I don’t recommend this place for anyone.

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